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Behind the Seeds Tour Review

The Behind the Seeds Tour is a backstage tour in Epcot’s Land Pavilion. Most of the tour takes place throughout the Living With the Land attraction, in Epcot’s greenhouses. In this post, we’ll include photos, thoughts on our experience and breakdown whether Behind the Seeds is worth your time and money.

Behind the Seeds Tomato Plant Epcot

Behind the Seeds is an hour-long tour that costs $25 for adults and $20 for kids (as of 2019). Like most tours at Disney World, there is a 15% discount for DVC members and Annual Passholders. Whether you get a discount or not, Behind the Seeds is Disney’s cheapest backstage tour by far. That alone makes it appealing, as sort of a test run for those that may be interested in a more intricate tour. Along those same lines, Behind the Seeds only lasts for an hour, making it a shorter commitment than most other experiences.

Behind the Seeds runs several times a day, from roughly 10 AM until 4:30 PM. You can book in advance, over the phone at (407) WDW-TOUR. Frankly, I don’t recommend booking in advance. If you decide that you want to do the tour stop by Epcot, right at the exit of Living With the Land and sign up in person. That way you can get a ride through of the attraction before deciding if you want to sign up. Barring strange circumstances, the tour should have openings in the next few days, if not the same day.

Behind the Seeds bananas Epcot

As for the content of the tour, almost all of it takes place in the greenhouses that guests go through on Living With the Land. There are four different greenhouses that guests are guided through including a fish farm. Frankly, whether the tour will be interesting to you could come down to whether or not you find Living With the Land interesting. In a way, the attraction is a preview of the tour. The ride isn’t for everyone and if you’re bored by the ride then staying away from the tour is advisable even with the low price tag.

We enjoy Living With the Land so the tour intrigued us and we weren’t let down. Behind the Seeds isn’t extremely interactive (although there were a few instances), mostly diving into the systems and ideas that are being used in these greenhouses. If Living With the Land is a quick PowerPoint presentation on what’s happening in these greenhouses, Behind the Seeds is a 5,000 word, well-written essay. Even for a novice, like me, there were plenty of things that I learned about plant life and the food grown in this area. Of course, there were a few things that went right over my head despite them being explained well.

Behind the Seeds Cucumber Plan Epcot

What interested me the most was how the food and plants grown here are implemented throughout Disney World. While the ride mentions it briefly, our guide was happy to go into more detail, detailing how these greenhouses save Disney thousands of dollars because of what they grow. For only being an hour long and covering a short distance, there was a ton of information presented so there should be something of interest to everyone present.

Like any tour, the person you get as your tour guide matters quite a bit. With Behind the Seeds, that might matter even more than other tours. Thankfully, we had a fantastic guide who was personable, honest, and interesting. He was happy to answer any and all questions. It was also easy to tell how smart he was but there was never a moment where it felt like he was talking down to us. While I can’t say that every guide will be like this, I would imagine this is one of the more relaxed tours to give. On top of that, our guide did mention a few times that it was his last few weeks of his internship which made it seem like he wasn’t worried about saying something wrong about the company. It’s not that he bad mouthed Disney at all, instead he was free to give his own opinion outside of the company line. I really appreciated that.

On that same thought, the tour felt pleasantly unscripted. While, obviously, the tour guide talked about the plants and food that was in front of us it didn’t seem like a memorized spiel. Maybe we got really lucky with an excellent guide but I also think that might have more to do with the content being something that Disney doesn’t care about. While on Keys to the Kingdom, everything felt very rehearsed and trying to sell Disney to the guests. There was none of that here, making everything feel more relaxed and fresh.

Behind the Seeds Rose Epcot

I described the tour as more informational than interactive but I don’t want to sell it short. Behind the Seeds offered the chance to touch most of the plant life growing. Nearly everything growing in the greenhouses is edible and there were chances to taste things, as well. During the tour guests are also able to ask any question that come to mind, feed the fish along with several other fun moments. It’s not a Wild Africa Trek or DiveQuest style of interactive but it’s also more hands on than other tours we’ve been on.

While I was impressed with the delivery of the content, all that really matters is if you are at all interested in the content. If there’s even a bit of interest in the greenhouses and Living With the Land then the cost and value of Behind the Seeds makes the tour an easy recommendation for us to give. Backstage Tours are always interesting, although this location isn’t as intriguing as some, but Behind the Seeds succeeds because of the wealth of information and the way that information is delivered. At such a low price point, this is a good stepping stone into Disney World’s tours. We loved Behind the Seeds and would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.

Behind the Seeds Mickey Mouse plants

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  1. My husband and I love the living with the land ride and have considered doing the tour. After reading your post, I think we’ll try to sign up for it for our Disney World trip next year!

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