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Disney’s Best Attraction Names

It’s been over a year since our award winning (don’t research this claim) blog post, Disney’s Dumbest Names. Despite the awards, praise, and excitement that post generated (again, don’t research) we’ve held off on the sequel… Until now! It’s easy to pick on the worst names like that […]

My Disney Parks Bucket List

One of the best and worst parts of travel is that it begets more travel.  That’s mostly good news, as we think vacationing and seeing new places is an important part of life.  The bad part is that it costs money.  While we certainly have travel goals outside […]

April News Update

Two apologies are in order.  One, I’m generally against this type of post but I’m on vacation and don’t care.  Two, this post was supposed to be up at the start of April 1st but we ran into wifi problems in China.  So, it gets posted at the […]

Disney’s Dumbest Names

I can’t claim to be an expert on much.  I love music and studied it.  Sports have been a life-long passion.  Disney Parks and travel in general are probably what I read most about.  But, an expert?  That seems too high of praise for those particular subjects.  Now, […]