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Classic Disney Attractions as 2023 Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees

The Academy Awards are this Sunday! Movies are one of my favorite things and The Oscars are a celebration (not always a good one) of that. One of my other favorite things are Disney theme parks. That’s probably obvious based on the whole Wandering in Disney website thing. […]

Our Favorite Kind of Magic – 2021

Part 1 ***************************************************************************************** One little spark, of inspirationIs at the heart, of all creation…A dream, can be, a dream come true.With just that spark, from me and you. ***************************************************************************************** In late summer, we had started to settle down in our new home city of Anaheim. There were parts […]

Animal Kingdom’s Disney KiteTails Review

Disney KiteTails is Animal Kingdom’s new daytime show that debuted for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. The show takes place in the Discovery River Theater and features 3-dimensional kites and (checks notes) jet skis, among other things. KiteTails plays throughout the day and is best seen from the […]