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Walt Disney World & Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Live Blog Thread

Today is the day! Walt Disney World is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary and we’re here in Magic Kingdom to cover it. Throughout the day’s events we will be updating this thread with our thoughts, photos and videos. Stay tuned and check out our social media pages along the […]

Drafting Disney Park Buildings: A Thread

Hello everyone, we hope you all are staying safe and healthy. As we continue on during these strange quarantining times, Andrew and Michaela are back to argue about things that in the end, don’t really matter. Visiting any Disney theme park will have you seeing some awe-inspiring things: […]

Drafting Disney’s Dark Rides: A Thread

Disney Parks have undergone drastic changes from 1955 through today. Restaurants have swapped out several times over, there’s no place to pet goats and technology has advanced attractions well beyond what the first Disneyland guests could have ever imagined. There are rides, restaurants, and lands that have stood […]