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Magic Kingdom Attraction Rankings

We’ve finally reached the end of our attraction rankings series. I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually finished a series on this blog so it’s truly a groundbreaking day. Another series that I’m pretty excited about is right around the corner but first we have to make our […]

Disneyland Attraction Rankings

We move along in our attraction rankings to the classic Disneyland Park. To read all of our attraction rankings posts, click here. Before we get to Disneyland’s rides, here are a few rules that I follow to make these entirely subjective rankings. Rules are obviously important. No Meet […]

Disney Genie+ Review

Disney Genie+ is a paid service for guests to skip the line at Disney Parks. By purchasing Genie+, guests will be able to use Lightning Lanes (formerly and affectionately known as FastPass) on select attractions allowing them to skip the majority of the line. In this post, we’ll […]

Disney Genie Itinerary Review

Disney Genie is a new service on the Disneyland app that is used at Disney Parks in the US. There are different levels of Disney Genie, including Genie+ and Lightning Lanes which is a paid service that allows guests to skip lines. Even without utilizing that, the app […]

Disney Merriest Nites Review

Disney Merriest Nites is a hard ticket event at Disneyland. On just a few select nights, Disneyland closes for the regular park day and opens up their gates for a Christmas Party. We recently had the chance to experience this party and this post will review, give tips […]

Disneyland Christmas Guide

The Holiday Season has begun at Disneyland, running from November 12th through January 9th! Decorations abound, special entertainment is throughout the park, there’s several ride layovers and plenty of food to try. In this post, we’ll cover all of Disneyland’s Christmas offerings, giving a brief summary of each! […]