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A Disney Chat (November 2015)

Andrew, Cassie, Leslie, and Melissa H. got together and chatted on a few Disney topics.  Here is most of what they talked about.  I apologize for any grammatical errors, as the it’s slightly harder to edit this format than a regular post. Leslie- How does everyone feel about Star […]

A Disney Chat (6/25/15)

Yesterday, most of our writers got together via the internet and talked a little Disney.  In this post, we’ll share the highlights from that chat.  Also, we have created an Instagram account.  You can follow us at WanderingInDisney on Instagram. Since this was a chat, the typing was […]

A Disney Chat!

On Thursday night, Kelsee, Leslie, and Andrew got together and chatted (via the internet) about a few Disney topics.  Here are some of the highlights as we talked about Epcot, Leslie’s internship and Disneyland dark rides!  We apologize for the rambling in it.  We’re still trying to figure […]