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Avoiding the Lines – Magic Kingdom

There comes a point in a full theme park day where you just don’t want to wait anymore. The feet are throbbing, the sweat has had time to dry twice over and all of the phone games have become half as interesting as they were when the day […]

Jolly Holiday Lunch & Dinner Review

Jolly Holiday Bakery Café is a counter-service restaurant in Disneyland. Located on Main Street, on the edge of the castle hub and Adventureland, the restaurant continues the Victorian theme of the land it’s in and has ample amounts of outdoor seating. Jolly Holiday specializes in sandwiches, salads and […]

Disneyland Days: The Fantasmic! Return

Fantasmic is back at Disneyland, bringing with it the excitement and joy that makes it one of the best nighttime spectaculars around. As the beloved show will be around daily for now, the anticipation for opening week was high! We weren’t there for opening night due to blockout […]

My Top Ten Disney Parks Photos of 2021

Happy New Year! We’ll start off 2022 by getting into Wandering in Disney’s most self-proclaiming annual post. Pride goeth before a fall? Well, falling isn’t too bad when you’re only a few feet above the ground! That’s probably enough self-deprecation for at least a few paragraphs. We started […]