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Cassie’s Favorite Attraction: Radiator Springs Racers

Editor’s Note:  It’s our 1 year anniversary here on Wandering in Disney.  We’ve had so much fun seeing the blog grow over the last year.  My sincerest thanks go out to our writers, Cassie, Kelsee, Leslie, Melissa H., and Melissa L.  Of course, writing isn’t nearly as much fun if no one reads your posts, so a hearty thank you goes out to you, the reader.  We can’t wait to bring you another year of posts and it seems fitting to start this next year with a brand new series.  Take it away, Cassie!

Here at Wandering in Disney our writers love to converse about everything Disney Parks related. Andrew recently came up with the idea for all of us to write a blog about our favorite attraction, and prove why our pick is the best! We hope you enjoy reading this series of posts about our favorite attractions!

RSR rock

I am going to kick this post off by saying there is a reason why Radiator Springs Racers has the longest average wait time of any ride in the Disneyland resort…because it is THE BEST! I had an easy time picking out my favorite attraction, because this ride is a truly superior choice. In this post, I am going to explain why I believe Radiator Springs Racers is the most remarkable attraction that Disney has ever built.

Cars rock

Radiator Springs Racers, located at Disney’s California Adventure, is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The ride opened June of 2012 with wait times reaching up to six hours. I moved to Los Angeles in September of 2012, getting to experience the magic of RSR only several months after it’s debut. The ride was so brand new, pristine, and remarkable that I immediately fell in love with the entire journey that RSR takes you on.

Stanley Oasis water tower_edited-1

For those of you readers who have not ridden this incredible attraction, let me brief you on what you get to experience; you begin RSR by settling into your own custom racecar. Your racecar then takes you on a lovely and relaxing jaunt through the canyon, before heading back inside to await your endeavor. You then head through town and get up-close-and-personal with the entire cast of Cars, experiencing animatronics of epic proportions. After your meet and greet with the cast, you are ready to race! RSR takes you on a high-speed racetrack, competing with an opposing vehicle for the first place prize! Both vehicles twist and turn throughout the canon, reaching speeds of 40 MPH. One of the vehicles inevitably wins the race and the ride concludes.


It is clear to see that the Disney Imagineers spared no cost for the magic that is RSR, and Cars Land in general. The ride itself cost upward from 200 million dollars, and upon riding, it’s clear to see why. The animatronics in this attraction are state of the art, putting you into the world of Cars like no ride has ever done before. If there was ever an attraction that takes you out of our world and puts you right in the magic, then this is it. The details in Cars Land. and while riding RSR, are phenomenally beautiful. As I’ve said in posts before, Cars Land is my favorite place to be at sunset. It’s breathtaking.

Cars Land night as you go rock

Although RSR is not a classic Disneyland ride, I believe as the years pass, this ride will hold as much nostalgia as any other attraction. I personally had the pleasure of experiencing Disneyland much more as an adult than as a child. So for me, it does not matter how new RSR may be, this ride keeps me coming back, year after year.


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