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Question of the Week (11/29/15)

Every week our writers get together and answer a Disney-related question.  Here is this week’s question and answer, leave your answer in the comments!

Big Thunder at night

Question of the Week: If you could go to a Disney Park with any celebrity (has to be alive, or else too many of us would answer with Walt) who would it be? Why that person and what park would you go to?

Melissa L. – I would choose Jennifer Lawrence! I think she would be a blast and we’d be laughing the whole time! Every time I see her in an interview she seems like a pretty down to earth person and it would be cool to know her. And I think we would go to Disneyland. It’s close to her and one of my favorites.

Cassie – I would definitely go to Disneyland with Amy Poehler because I love her and it would be the best day of my life. We would eat corn dogs together and laugh our way all around the park. Amy, if you’re reading this I am free to go whenever! PM me!

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Andrew – Both of those are excellent choices. I think I’d go with Jimmy Fallon for a few reasons. First of all, I was worried that everyone else would choose girls so I felt it was my obligation to pick a guy. I also think Fallon is very funny and knows how to have a lot of fun. He’s pretty high energy and is always laughing. Also, I’d like to show him how much better Disneyland is than Universal 😉 Others I considered were Steve Carell and Emma Stone (my 15-year old self said Scarlett Johansson, hands down).


Leslie – I would probably want to go to Magic Kingdom with Chris Pratt because one he is such a great person, and two because he is such a goofball. I think it would be great to ride rides together and doing character meet and greets with him would be amazing.

MK gold fw

Kelsee – I would love to go with Ryan Gosling to Disneyland, but not for the typical reason you would think! He is a HUGE Disneyland fanatic. He was a Mouseketeer and has been quoted as “being in a relationship with Disneyland”. Also, he ditched the Oscars to go to Disneyland. How cool is that? That is a true fan right there. Anyone with that kind of love for Disneyland, is my kind of person.

California Grill Fireworks

Which celebrity would you go with to a Disney Park?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I would definitely want to hang out with Christina Aguilera because she is my favorite singer and I remember watching her recording a performance in front of the castle at Disney World around 2000. I think she would be really fun to hang out with at Hollywood Studios!

  2. I would go with John Ratzenberger for two reasons. One, watching him in interviews and such, he seems like such a nice, genuine person. And second, how entertaining would it be to go through the parks with the man who has voiced more Disney/Pixar characters than any one?! I would hope he would spend a good deal of the day speaking in his assortment of voices. That would make the day even more special!

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