Questions of the Week

Question of the Week (5/3/15)

I’m a little late with this post so we won’t have a weekly recap!  Every week on the blog our writers get together and answer a Disney Parks related question.  Leave your answer in the comments!

Question of the Week:  The NFL Draft was this weekend, with that in mind we’ll play a little game! If you were building your own theme park and could select any Disney ride to be a part of it, what would be your number 1 pick? This would be the biggest attraction at your park and you could base lands off of it, if not the whole park. With that in mind, maybe don’t choose your favorite but what you think would be the best pick to start your park!

Leslie –My love of Soarin demands that I pick Soarin as my number one. But as I have thought about it, it would be nice if there was some variety of where you’re flying. From other states, countries to even including fantasy options like flying with Peter Pan.

Splash Mtn

Melissa H. – I think I would have choose either Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones Adventure – but for the sake of choosing just one I am going to go with Indiana Jones. Because of the multiple movies in the franchise and all off the trouble that Indy gets himself into, I can see the opportunities for many different exciting rides! I just think it would be cool to walk into a park and feel like you were lost in the jungle and were an explorer just like Indiana Jones!

Melissa L. – I was thinking along the same lines as Melissa H, but since she took Indy, I think I’d choose Space Mountain. It’s one of my top favorites and I think you could do a lot with creating a park based around it. Especially with the new Tomorrowland coming out!

space mountain

Kelsee – I’d pick splash mountain because it is a thrill attraction and has an untold backstory/multiple characters that you could incorporate into different rides. Also, there are various southern based restaurants that could go along with the theming.

Andrew – Narrowly edging out Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story Mania, I’d pick The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disney World’s version). The big negative here is that it’s not a kid’s ride but I do believe that it could anchor an entire theme park. With its Hollywood theme, it’s very easy to fit a park around that. It is also one of the most creative and inventive theme park rides around. Even I can admit this, even though I have my eyes covered through the whole ride. The ride system is creative, the details are fantastic and the thrill is top-notch. While it may not be for kids, I believe it’s a must do attraction at least once.


Thank you for reading, leave your answer in the comments, and have a magical week!


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