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The Delicious Tonga Toast

There are some Disney foods that are a rite of passage for Disney fans.  Dole Whip, Disneyland Corn-Dogs, Mickey Waffles, and Disney World cupcakes are just a few treats that people really associate with the most magical places on Earth.  Those who have had it might place Tonga Toast on that list.  A treat that is hard to find outside of Disney World, Tonga Toast is one of those foods that is truly Disney.

Capt. Cook's fan

For what Tonga Toast is, let’s take the definition right from the Disney World website – Banana-stuffed Sourdough Bread, Battered and Deep-fried, and dusted with Cinnamon Sugar.  If that doesn’t sound delicious to you then Sam the Eagle would be disappointed in your opinion because it sounds distinctly unpatriotic to not like something deep-fried.  Kidding, sort of.

You can find Tonga Toast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort in two different locations.  The first location is the Kona Cafe, a table-service restaurant that serves it with a strawberry compote and your choice of meat for about $13.  It’s a pretty decent deal for being a table-service breakfast.  But, there’s a better deal to be had when it comes to Tonga Toast.  I know the words ‘Disney’ and ‘great deal’ don’t typically go together, but if you meander down to Capt. Cook’s one morning while at Disney World you can find Tonga Toast for $5.19!  I did exactly that on a recent Disney World vacation.

Capt. Cook's Menu
Capt. Cook’s has been recently remodeled and is a nice little counter-service restaurant.  I’ve heard and read mostly good things about their new items they serve for lunch and dinner, as well.  If you stop by the Polynesian for some Tonga Toast then I’d recommend wandering around the resort while you are there.  The hotel is on the verge of finishing its renovation and is a fun place to explore.

Back to the Tonga Toast!  I was very excited to try it and the three others who were with me all ordered it as well.  I think there was a side of bacon involved because why wouldn’t there be?  When our food arrived, I was surprised to find that the Toast was a little harder on the outside.  This is from deep-frying it.  I had to cut it with a knife to get through, although looking back I should have done the grown-up thing and just torn it apart with my hands.  The outside was very good with cinnamon-sugar on top of it.  The bread was hot and was almost like a crunchy Elephant Ear, if that makes sense.  The inside of the Tonga Toast is the real star though.  With bananas on the inside, the bread is soft and warm and the bananas make it gooey.  It’s delicious and now my mouth is watering.

Tonga Toast

The version of Tonga Toast that Capt. Cook’s serves is definitely sharable.  If you’re looking for a light breakfast, I’d say share it.  It’s also a good option to go here in the late morning (after you sleep in or go to the parks early) and get this as a snack before a late lunch or early dinner.  Again, it’s a great deal and hard to pass up.  Both locations only serve it until breakfast though (which ends around 11, but you can ask guest services at the parks or your hotel for that information).

Tonga Toast is just one of those quintessential Disney foods.  Like Dole Whip and the Cinnamon Rolls that came before it, this dish should not be missed whenever you are on a trip to Disney World.

– Andrew

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