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Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, Off to the Mine We Go! (Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Review)

One of my all time favorite Disney characters has always been Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  I love collecting any sort of Grumpy paraphernalia and have found some very unique pieces.  But, people have always questioned why this dwarf has always been my favorite. I mean, I am not a grumpy person at all, so why am I so attracted to him? I always just say that opposites attract.


Well, when I heard the news that they were building an attraction featuring the Seven Dwarfs, boy was I excited!  And when the day finally arrived that I got to experience the attraction for myself, it did not disappoint.  So here is my review of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

As I mentioned in the question of the week, my new favorite mountain in the Disney mountain range is this new one.  It is everything that I could have dreamed of and more!  When you first approach the attraction in New Fantasyland, your jaw drops as you gaze upon the pure beauty of the greenery.  The mountain is covered in lush green grass and beautiful trees.  The theming is excellent and feels like you are gazing upon the actual Enchanted Forest.

The queue for this ride is just as impressive as the actual ride.  I would highly recommend fast passing this ride, as the line does get very long, but even if you are waiting in line, it’s still a great experience.  While walking through the line, you know you are somewhat close to entering the mountain when you pass the cottage which is just a precursor of what is to come. The queue then moves to the inside of the mine – this is where the fun begins!

After making it through the line, you then get to board a mine cart and that is when the ride begins!  If you want to be surprised about the ride – I’d stop here! Some spoilers are about to occur! Sitting two by two by two, your mine cart begins its journey.  In the distance you can hear the dwarfs whistling and working away – but soon, you are sitting right along side them! This Grumpy lover may have squealed a little when they came into view. The craftsmanship that went into this attraction is astronomical!  Everything is finished to perfection and during the entire ride, you feel that you are right inside the movie. As you leave the mine and the dwarfs, you find yourself on top of the mountain and going for a nice ride.  It’s beautiful as you ride outside in the sun and landscaping. The ride then ends in a celebration! Remember the cottage you passed while waiting in the queue?  Well, you are now gazing upon it from the other side – and it does not disappoint!  As you pass the cottage you get to look inside and see Snow White dancing with the dwarfs and having a great time! But watch out – there might be something lurking outside!


If you are not a fan of fast rides or you are an all out thrill seeker, you will enjoy this ride.  This ride is a great in between.  It isn’t super-duper fast or really, really slow, its set up perfect for all crowds.  That one person in your family that doesn’t like thrill rides will still enjoy themselves on this ride.  And those that are extreme thrill seekers (like myself) will also still have a great time!

Overall, for this Grumpy lover, this is a great ride and experience! I definitely wouldn’t like the long line keep you from missing out on this amazing attraction!  Now go and don’t forget to whistle while you work!

– Melissa

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  1. I really enjoyed this attraction; the theming is so well done. I’m looking forward to ridding it agin during my next trip.

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