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Popular Food Cart Items at Disneyland

There are many places to sit down and enjoy a meal at restaurants around the parks. However, some of the most popular Disney Parks foods aren’t found at a sit down restaurant or even a counter service restaurant. I have put together a list of food cart food that you cannot pass up on your trip to Disneyland.

Dole Whip

Turkey legs: Theses infamous and gigantic poultry legs are a staple in the Disney food carts. I actually had never tried a turkey leg until I was 22, and I was clearly missing out on all of my prior Disney trips. There is really nothing like these turkey legs and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Corn dogs: I say this in complete confidence without any exaggerations, these are the best corn dogs I’ve ever had in my life! The recipe for the breading is unbeatable and they are big enough to easily be lunch or a snack if you choose. Even if you aren’t a fan of hot dogs or corn dogs, these will change your mind.

Chimichangas: Another great option for lunch or a quick snack are these chimichangas. If you have a craving for some Mexican food, and you don’t want to wait for a sit down restaurant, these are a great option.

Melissa H Churros

Melissa H. shows up again with her churros!


Churros: Probably the most popular snack in Disneyland, these churros are a very sweet treat. Considering there are 2.8 million sold annually, you can see that their popularity is unbeatable and appeals to all park visitors.

Dole Whip: Another very popular treat among Disney park visitors is this sweet and frozen pineapple snack. It is the perfect thing for a hot California day and it will satisfy your sweet tooth too.

Mickey Pretzel

Mickey pretzel: This my personal favorite mid day snacks. These pretzels are not hard like some, and a great way to satisfy hunger until lunch or dinner.

Trying these crowd pleasing foods is part of the fun, so make sure to not pass up these popular staples at the food carts! They are convenient and satisfying, it’s a happy union at the happiest place on earth!

– Kelsee

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