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Disneyland Area Hotel Rankings

Relative to Walt Disney World, Disneyland is a pretty straight forward trip. The tickets and dining reservations are all much simpler. This makes for a more laid back vacation and park experience. The one part of trip planning that can be slightly difficult at Disneyland Resort is deciding where to stay. There is a girth of options for guests to stay in that includes Disney owned hotels, common chain hotels and family owned places. Likewise, there’s seemingly a hotel in every price range. With that in mind, we’ve decided to keep a running list of the hotels we’ve stayed in and are ranking them accordingly.

Like most lists on this blog, these rankings will grow over time. In fact, I’m writing this knowing that I still have two hotels to write reviews on before adding them to the rankings. With over 100 hotels in Anaheim, there’s no shortage of places to add to the list. We’re barely scratching the surface on the amount of hotels in the area with our current list. If you’re interested in a hotel that’s not on here please drop us a comment. I have had good luck following Tripadvisor’s Anaheim hotel rankings and would recommend that to people, just make sure they’re close to the park.

Mickey wand Magic Happens DL

Like our Walt Disney World Hotel Rankings, I try to consider all factors including price, rooms, location, and amenities. With such a wide variety of accommodations, the rankings here are a little trickier than WDW. We haven’t been able to stay at the Grand Californian or Disneyland Hotel yet so many of what is ranked are on the value side of things. I’ve reiterated on this blog many times that Disneyland area hotels are simply a place to sleep for us. With long days in the parks, we are generally looking for something cheap and close simply because we won’t be at the hotel often. That may change for others and I’ll try to factor that in.

Unlike the Walt Disney World post, these rankings include Good Neighbor hotels. In fact, that’s what makes up the majority of this list. Let’s get to it!

15. Motel 6 Anaheim Maingate

The only reason to stay here is if it’s like $50 cheaper than every other option. That actually might happen but it isn’t likely. Even if it is significantly cheaper, you have to ask if it’s worth it based on the hotel’s cleanliness and less than ideal location. When people make fun of Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels as being lacking, I’m pretty sure they’re thinking of this one.

14. Red Lion Hotel Anaheim Resort (now Hotel Lulu)

Red Lion is a decent hotel with one major flaw – the rooms. It is probably my least favorite hotel room I’ve ever stayed in when just judging from an aesthetic point of view. The location is decent, the pool area is nice and the price is usually very low. I think this is a decent sized jump up from the Motel 6 but I can’t say I’m dying to stay here again. Update: Red Lion has been taken over by Hotel Lulu and, while we haven’t stayed at the new hotel, there isn’t much change on the outside of the hotel. We will try to do an update in the future!

Red Lion Hotel sign

13. Best Western Plus Pavilions

This place is fine and works because of the price. The hotel has a slightly worse location, rooms and amenities than most but is routinely between $100-$150 per night. If you’re not planning to spend much time in the actual room then staying here should be a good option. Plus Pavilions has a different location than most on this list, closer to California Adventure, but it’s not a bad spot to be!

Best Western Pavilions parking lot

12. Del Sol Inn

Del Sol Inn’s location is fantastic and the price is solid to go along with it. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other bouquets to throw around for this tired motel. The rooms and amenities are below average but it may be worth it for the right price simply because of the location.

11. Disney’s Pixar Place Hotel

The newly renamed Pixar Place is nicer than most hotels on this list just from a cleanliness standpoint but it’s extremely generic and nearly double the price of all of the hotels above it. Don’t fall for the Disney in its name, there isn’t the usual charm and theme that the Grand Californian or Disneyland Hotel has. Unless you can find the resort for under $200 then I’d probably look elsewhere.

10. Portofino Inn & Suites Anaheim

Portofino is a step above a budget hotel with average rooms and decent amenities. Add in a location that is under a 15 minute walk to the parks and you’ve got a pretty strong hotel. This is a good compromise for those that want to be fairly close to the parks, want slightly more than a bare bones hotel and still want a low price. You can do better but you could do much worse.

Portofino Anaheim pool

9. Anaheim Marriott

I’m curious what my thoughts would be on this hotel after another stay. I really didn’t like the layout of the room plus the nickel and diming that the hotel did with some fees. On the plus side, the amenities are nicer than most on the list. The price is middle of the road and the location isn’t great. If you prefer a little bit of style over some other characteristics then looking into the Marriott is a good move.

8. Hilton Anaheim

We have a run on convention center hotels right here and our favorite of which (that we’ve stayed in so far) is the Hilton Anaheim. The room and location aren’t anything to write home about but the amenities here are great. We didn’t feel nickel and dimed like we did at the Marriott and the value here is decent. Hilton Anaheim isn’t anything special but it is dependable and a safe choice.

Hilton Anaheim bar

7. Wyndham Anaheim

Located on the corner of Harbor and Katella, Wyndham Anaheim feels a little more fresh and unique than the convention center hotels we’ve stayed at. I don’t find the rooms or location to be a huge asset but the pool area and in-house Starbucks are a nice perk. There’s also no extra fees, which is becoming increasingly rare. The value isn’t amazing but this hotel is a very solid option!

6. Howard Johnson by Windham Anaheim Hotel & Water Playground

This may be in first place for families with young kids. The water playground here is a blast and the rooms are nice enough. Unlike almost any other Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel, this hotel actually has some grounds to walk and they’re fairly nice. The price is higher than some but if you can find a good deal then this is a good option. Location could be a little better but the walk to the Esplanade is easy.

5. SunCoast Park Hotel

SunCoast and Howard Johnson share some similarities in their distance to the park and having a little more room to work with than other hotels on this list. While the Howard Johnson wins out in the pool area, SunCoast wins in virtually every other area, especially the price. With newer rooms and a nice aesthetic, SunCoast could easily move up to the top 3 with our current list of hotels.

4. Clementine Hotel & Suites Anaheim

This is the best hotel that we’ve found for a larger group while still maintaining some value. They have rooms that sleep 4, 6 or 8 and the prices are fair. The amenities here are strong, led by the best complimentary breakfast of any Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel and a well maintained pool and lobby area. While the location isn’t amazing (a 15 minute walk to the park) it’s manageable when the hotel offers other qualities.

Clementine lobby

3. Anaheim Camelot Inn & Suites

I like this hotel more than most, as it’s a decent compromise of room, value, location and amenities. In recent years, the price has risen and that may not be worth it. That said, it’s about a 10 minute walk to Disneyland and I like the pool on the rooftop.

2. Hotel Indigo Anaheim

The negative here is that the hotel doesn’t have one standout area. But the overall product considering location, room, amenities, and value put it very high on the list. Hotel Indigo is a boutique hotel and has more character than most on this list. If you care a little bit less about location or are going on an adults-only trip then this should be the top pick.

1. Anaheim Desert Inn & Suites

Location, location, location. Anaheim Desert Inn & Suites is average in most categories but the price and location, directly across the street from the Esplanade, put this near the top on the list. It’s not that you couldn’t find a nicer hotel. You certainly could! What you won’t find is a hotel closer at a lower cost.

Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites signs

We’re looking forward to adding to the list over the years! What did you think of the rankings? Let us know, along with any questions you have, in the comments! Planning a trip to Disneyland Resort? Check out our Disneyland Trip Planning Guide to help you out. If you enjoy what you are reading here on Wandering in Disney please share this post with your friends and like our social media pages. You can also subscribe to the blog via WordPress or email. All of those links are on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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  1. Please check out the Candy Cane Inn on Harbor Blvd. It’s about 250 yards from the entrance to Disneyland and on the same side of the street. It’s a Disney Good Neighbor Hotel also. There are so many good things about it that it would take awhile to list them. But the three biggest things are 1) They have discounts for AAA, AARP and Active Duty Military. They also have or had discounts for AP holders but that may have changed thanks to Disney dismantling the AP Program. 2) They have their own private, complimentary shuttle for guests only and after a long day at the park that’s a welcome sight. 3) They have the most wonderful staff who are kind, knowledgeable and ready to help you with anything you need during your stay. As for myself and my family, we won’t stay anywhere else.

    • It’s definitely on our list to stay there and if it weren’t for the closure, we would have already. Thank you for the comment!

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