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Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel Review: Anaheim Desert Inn & Suites

Anaheim Desert Inn & Suites is a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel that is about a 5-minute walk to Disneyland. We recently stayed at this hotel and thought it was perfectly suitable for our needs. In this review, we’ll cover the rooms, amenities and location of Camelot Inn and Suites. As you can see below (thanks to Google) the hotel is directly across the street from Disneyland.


Desert Inn and Suites is in the bottom right corner of that photo. The IHOP is about where the cross walk over to Disneyland is so the walk to Disneyland is very short. That is the biggest positive to the Desert Inn & Suites. From what I can tell this is one of the three closest hotels to the parks. Going back to our room in the middle of the day was no problem at all and didn’t waste much time.

Harbor Boulevard is full of motels/hotels and all of these are fairly close to Disneyland. Some are absolutely nicer than others but the main thing all of these hotels have going for them is location. Over the last decade many of these hotels have received renovations, making Harbor Blvd. much nicer than it used to be.

Desert Inn sign sunset

We’ve stayed at Desert Inn & Suites a couple of times, once with 6 people in a room and once with just two of us. We’ll start with the larger rooms that can sleep up to at least 8. Those rooms ranged from $180-$250 per night, based on the time of year.

Hotel room 2

One of the rooms in the suite is just a standard hotel with 2 queen beds, a bathroom and TV. The sink is outside the bathroom, which I always appreciate when sharing a hotel room with others. As you can see, there’s a refrigerator and microwave. There’s also a table and chairs out of the shot in the entrance to the room. The TV isn’t very big but was nice enough and had the usual channels.

The beds were fairly comfortable. The mattresses weren’t too hard or soft, either way. It wasn’t the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in but I had absolutely no problems with it. The bedding was fairly average. The sheets weren’t scratchy but they weren’t the softest.

Hotel Room

If there’s one complaint with the room, it’s that I think it’s fairly ugly. There’s a whole lot of brown here and the room wasn’t very bright. While I don’t tend to care very much about the color scheme in the room, I definitely wouldn’t give this room high marks as far as being pleasing to the eye. Still the room was perfectly comfortable, had adequate space and comfortable bedding. It was also clean and taken care of.

Couch hotel room

Here is the front room (there were 2 bedrooms attached to this) that had a couch and TV.  The couch was not comfortable at all, but it did pull out to a bed. We didn’t try the bed. The TV here was the same size as in the bedroom. Still quite a bit of brown going on in this room and while it was nice to have a separate space from the bedrooms, this room didn’t add a lot for me.

The bathrooms (2 in this room, 1 in the standard) were run of the mill motel bathrooms. There was a shower/bath combo and, as I mentioned the sink was outside of the bathroom. There wasn’t a ton of space in there but again, it was adequate.

We’ve also stayed in a king-bed room on a separate trip. To be frank, I’m not sure if this was a standard king room because it was at the very corner of the building, closest to Harbor. Let’s take a look at it.

Anaheim Desert Inn side of bed

As you can see, it’s much tighter than the above photos. I’d guess the square footage is right around 300 feet. The comfort of the bed matched what I described above and most of the other furnishing was the same. I’m not a huge fan of the window shutters, as they let plenty of light in. This room was also very loud, being close to the street, but we didn’t experience that in the other room.

Anaheim Desert Inn bathroom

Here’s a look at the bathroom. Points to the shower, as it was pretty nice and I prefer standard showers as opposed to bath/shower combos. Any points that earned is taken away by there being no counter space at all. It’s a very small space and not convenient at all.

Cabinet coffee Anaheim Desert Inn

Back in the actual room, there is a little closet space and little kitchenette. It’s all pretty standard stuff.

Anaheim Desert Inn TV

Here’s a look at the rest of the room. The desk is nice, the TV is pretty small relative to most hotel rooms, and there’s a little table on the other side. Granted, the room is a weird shape but it is utilized pretty poorly.

My overall thoughts on the room really vary depending on which room we’re talking about. The large suite works well and had a pretty solid, albeit standard, layout. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the king bed room. Again, I’m not positive that this is the norm so I won’t pass too much judgement. All the rooms are worth it thanks to the hotel’s incredible locations.


As far as amenities, there was a pool and hot tub. Both were indoors so it’s protected from those 10 days a year it rains in Southern California. The pool was a normal size, as was the hot tub. The pool was fairly cold but I don’t know if it’s consistently that way.

The hotel served a continental breakfast that had very limited options. There was some fruit, cereal, pastries and bread. That’s about it. If you want to grab something on your way to the parks, then this is suitable. If you want a good breakfast, go somewhere else. This is a nice way to save a few bucks though.

Anaheim Desert Inn sign

There was a Denny’s right across the parking lot from the hotel. A Cold Stone, IHOP and the dreaded Captain Kidd’s were also very close by.

What you ultimately think about Anaheim Desert Inn & Suites will come down to how much you care about location. I care a lot about it and therefore I think this is a pretty good hotel in terms of value. If you’d rather stay somewhere nicer then you’ll be sacrificing location or cost for that need. Take out location and relative value, and Desert Inn & Suites is nothing special. Add it in and it becomes one of the better Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels. Out of the ones we’ve stayed at, I would place Desert Inn & Suites at the top of the list mostly thanks to location. Melissa likes the Camelot Inn a little bit more, which I think is fair.  Both are very close in my mind.

Hotel Rating – 7.5/10

Have you stayed at the Anaheim Desert Inn & Suites? Let us know your thoughts, or any questions you might have, in the comments below. Planning a trip to Disneyland Resort? Check out our Disneyland Trip Planning Guide to help you out. If you enjoy what you are reading here on Wandering in Disney please share this post with your friends and like our social media pages. You can also subscribe to the blog via WordPress or email. All of those links are on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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  1. We’ve stayed at the Dessert Inn and Suites a few times, both in the parlor room and in the 4 queen suite. It worked pretty well for our family of 5.

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