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Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel Review: Clementine Hotel & Suites Anaheim

Clementine Hotel & Suites Anaheim is a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel that is a 15 minute walk away from the Disneyland Resort. Located next to Anaheim GardenWalk, the hotel changed from a Residence Inn to Clementine in 2018. In this review, we’ll cover the rooms, amenities and location of the hotel, as well as our thoughts on the value that Clementine Hotel & Suites offers.

Clementine lobby

When it comes to Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels, everything is relative. Typically, these are not luxurious places to stay. If you’ve followed this site for a while then you know that I tend to favor convenience and cost over all when it comes to hotels in Anaheim. I mean, I have a breaking point (I’m looking at you, Motel 6) but am not too picky when it comes to a place to sleep. Luckily, there has been a step up in quality over the last decade or so but I don’t think anyone should confuse most of these places for 5-star hotels. For those more familiar with Walt Disney World, I would probably choose the layout and design of Pop Century’s rooms over just about every Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel I’ve stayed at.

With that caveat out of the way and expectations in tow, a number of these nearby (to Disneyland) hotels have changed hands and/or been renovated in the past few years. That includes Clementine and the next door SunCoast Park Hotel. After staying in this hotel and before researching its origin, I was curious if this was a repurposed apartment complex due to the wealth of different sized rooms and the grounds throughout. Being a former Residence Inn fits in to that realm! Since the change in ownership, Clementine Hotel & Suites ranks number 5 out of 124 on TripAdvisor’s Anaheim Hotel Traveler Rankings. There are likely several reasons why guests come away impressed so I’ll dive into a few factors and see if it measures up.

We’ll start with the location, as days at Disneyland are long and having a hotel close by will make your feet happy! As you can see from my totally normal map, it’s a 15 minute walk to the parks. Calling a Lyft or taking the ART busses is another option. The Toy Story Lot isn’t far from the hotel either and those busses are complimentary but it will take more time to do that than just walking. Nothing wrong with saving steps and adding a few minutes though, especially if you think you might pass out somewhere between the ‘ugly tower’ and ‘AMC’ on that map.

A 15 minute walk is pretty average for most hotels in the area. Staying on Harbor is the closest option but Clementine is in the second tier along with the convention center hotels, nearby SunCoast and a few others – not great but not bad! This particular walk is less crowded and fairly quiet, which is a little nicer.

Clementime bedroom

Moving on to the rooms. What set Clementine Hotel & Suites apart is the latter part of the title… Suites! There aren’t many big hotel rooms near Disneyland and this particular hotel specializes in them. The rooms offered are a studio suite (capacity of 4), 1-bedroom suite (6), bi-level loft suite (8) and a 2-bedroom suite (8). We stayed in a bi-level loft suite but I had a chance to look at all of the rooms outside of the 2-bedroom option. There were 6 of us in the loft suite and I thought there was ample space.

Guests enter that room to a living space with a pull-out couch and a kitchen. The second floor loft has a king size bed along with a small bathroom with a bath/tub combo, and the sinks outside of the bathroom. Connected to the living room is a pretty standard hotel room layout with two queen beds and a connecting bathroom. The room used the space well, while there was nothing that blew me away it was a great room for those traveling with a bigger group. I was impressed by the 700 square feet.

Clementime couch

There wasn’t anything particularly interesting about the design elements but they stayed away from any egregious choices! That’s always a plus. The wallpaper behind the beds was festive with some theme park elements, but not an eye sore. The carpeting in the living space was likewise, interesting enough without being over the top.

Clementime kitchen

If you are in for a longer stay, the kitchens were much larger than your usual hotel room. A full size fridge, oven and dishwasher, along with a microwave were all available. While a Disneyland corn dog is much better than my cooking, this could be a way to save some money for a night or two by having a meal in.

Clementime bathroom sink

Overall, I thought the rooms were nice enough. The bathrooms could have used an update but they weren’t bad. I don’t think there’s anything particularly memorable about any of the rooms I viewed but they did offer space for different sized parties and that’s hard to find and very convenient for a big group! I’d definitely put the rooms in the top half of the Good Neighbor Hotels I’ve stayed at.

Clementime pool

Moving on to the amenities, here’s a look at the pool. Relative to other Good Neighbor Hotels, the pool was a normal size with lots of lounging room. It was connected to the lobby and clubhouse which had bathrooms, water bottle refill stations and some snack options. You can see the basketball court behind the pool in this photo. I have another photo of the basketball hoop but I don’t think I’ll post that here because most people know what a hoop looks like. There’s also a playground for the kids and a fire pit area with barbecues. The grounds are nice and clean, with quite a bit of space. The buildings are very bright orange and yellow, which is strange, but I wouldn’t call them ugly!

Clementine breakfast area

Clementine also offers a complimentary hot breakfast with waffles, eggs, sausage or bacon, pastries and a few other options. This is way more thought out than any other complimentary breakfast I’ve seen from a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel and a big mark in the hotel’s favor. Grabbing food here instead of a protein bar or lackluster grab and go counter-service theme park option makes the morning much nicer. This, plus the ample seating for the breakfast diners, was one of my favorite parts of the hotel.

Clementine breakfast seating

As for the price, there is some real fluctuation. I’ve seen the hotel for as low as $140/night. You could probably find it even cheaper once in a while but that would take some digging. That low price will be for the studio room, from there you’d go up by $100-$150 for each room size which doesn’t come out to a bad deal. Finding a hotel room near Disneyland that sleeps 8 for under $400 is extremely hard to do and Clementine (sometimes) fills that niche. It also fills the void of parents with 3 or more kids who want some space. Add in the complimentary breakfast and parking and there is some value to be found here.

It’s easy to see why the hotel ranks highly among those in Anaheim. There’s nothing Clementine does poorly and it offers something that many places can’t with the bigger room size. While I don’t think there’s any one factor that really stands out about the hotel, I do think the resort shows the continued uptick in quality of Disneyland Good Neighbors. For a larger group, it will be hard to find a place that betters Clementine’s value, amenities, rooms and location.

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

Clementine sign

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