2022 D23 Expo Announcement: Possible Expansion Coming to Magic Kingdom

Much like the Animal Kingdom announcement, Josh D’Amaro made an odd and vague mention of an expansion to Magic Kingdom. These new attractions or lands would reside just past Big Thunder Mountain.

There were three things mentioned as what the expansions would be. The first was Coco with a whole area and attraction added. The next was Encanto based and stepping inside the family house. Finally, pulled deep from the archives came concept art of Bald Mountain, a villains based roller coaster attraction. All of these things sound great, we’ll see if they happen!


The possible expansion news was given after the possible expansion news in Animal Kingdom. As I mentioned in that post, the tone of this section in the presentation was very weird and I’m not sure how much guests should look into it.

All of the possible additions were framed around what’s behind Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and what could be behind that mountain. Well, what’s behind there right now are backstage roads that are fairly important to the resort’s infrastructure. These things can always be reworked, and some already have, but it’s worth mentioning at this point. This isn’t just open space that’s waiting to be developed right now.

BTMR castle MK

As for what could be coming. I’d love to see all three of these entities within a Disney theme park somewhere. I’m not sure if Magic Kingdom is that spot and how they’d fit into existing lands. Coco and Encanto both have architecture that you could shoehorn into Frontierland. The villains attraction could fit into Fantasyland or be a new land. I don’t know and I honestly don’t think anyone at Disney knows either.

It is great news that Disney is considering expansion at Magic Kingdom. I’m certainly not knocking that, as I hope expansion is coming very soon. These announcements (or whatever they are) could be a try at stealing some momentum from Universal’s new park, Epic Universe, that will be opening in Orlando soon.

Still, the tone was strange and I don’t really expect much of this to come to fruition. If it does, it might be at the cost of Tom Sawyer Island. Time will tell on this one and if it does happen it will be years down the road!


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