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Sanaa Breakfast Review

Sanaa is a restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village. While being a table-service restaurant for lunch and dinner, it doubles as a counter-service location for breakfast. Sanaa serves a variety of African, Indian and American flavors for breakfast. The restaurant does accept discounts (Annual Pass, DVC, Disney Visa) and is a part of the Disney Dining Plan as a counter-service credit for breakfast when applicable. In this post, we’ll review breakfast at Sanaa, discussing the food, atmosphere and value.

As I mention in our lunch and dinner review of this restaurant, the phrase ‘hidden gem’ constantly shows up when reading about Sanaa. Knowing Disney’s propensity to elongate titles, I’m surprised that the official name hasn’t changed to Sanna ~ Disney’s Hidden Gem. Maybe that’s still coming? Even with all of these blogs and websites raving about Sanaa, the restaurant’s popularity hasn’t caught up, especially at breakfast.

Sanaa light

The counter-service breakfast option here started just a few years ago and was briefly before the shutdown, giving it even less of a chance to catch on among the general public. This leads to a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere at Sanaa in the morning, where breakfast runs from approximately 7-11 AM.

Unlike at lunch or dinner, guests will enter the restaurant and order at the lounge/bar area. Along with the counter, there are a variety of grab and go options to go along with the entrees you can order. It’s a smooth transition, maybe in large part to it not being very busy inside the restaurant. The orders can be placed to go, if you’re so inclined, but we recommend eating inside of Sanaa thanks to the wonderful atmosphere.

For those unaware, Sanaa sits at the ground level of Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani Village. That means there are zebras, giraffes and a variety of other wildlife walking right outside the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows. Grabbing a table by a window is much easier at breakfast than it is atm lunch or dinner. Watching the wildlife walk by as you dine is a wonderful experience. Some might want to eat in space or at a drive-in movie theater, but give me a few zebras to look at and I’m just as happy.

Zebras Sanaa

The rest of the restaurant is also beautiful with an artisanal feel. Tables and chairs feel handmade, although I have my doubts about them actually being, and the décor feels organic to the African theme. Sanaa’s atmosphere is second to none and that doesn’t change regardless of what meal you’re having there.

Moving on to the food, here’s a look at the menu. I’m admittedly a fairly tough critic on counter-service breakfast at Disney Parks. Often times, none of the options seem original and things like eggs or bacon seem mass produced. My opinion on that is slowly changing, especially at the hotels. Between Primo Piatto and now this meal, there’s some excellent and relatively cheap options for breakfast at WDW. There’s a variety of options that look good and unique at Sanaa. Unfortunately, there’s only so much room in my stomach.

Sanaa Eggs Benedict

One of the entrees we tried was the Eggs Benedict which consists of Two-poached Brown Eggs, Canadian Bacon, Spice Route Hollandaise, Arugula, and Berries. This was on par with most table-service restaurants in quality. The eggs were perfectly made, the Hollandaise Sauce was rich and creamy and the Canadian Bacon was delicious. While I wouldn’t say there was anything that sets it apart from another good Eggs Benedict dish, it is very tasty.

The Arugula and Berry Salad it was served with was a welcome surprise, as well. This added a little sweetness and zest to an otherwise rich dish. Not to mention, it’s also nice to see Disney add some vegetables to counter-service meals now and then. At $12.99, this is a good value in that I could see the exact same dish being served at a table-service restaurant for $20. If you’re in the mood for a hearty option, this is a good one.

Sanaa french toast

Our other entrée was the Shahi Tukra French Toast. This is French Toast served with Saffron-scented Sultan Raisins, Whipped Chai Cream, and Almonds. It’s the star of the meal and going to be one of the best breakfast items you’ll find in Disney World. The spices and saffron add just enough of a change to make this a unique dish while not taking away from sweetness of the amazing Chai Cream. This outduels the beloved Tonga Toast and getting it at $9.99, even in real world prices, is a bargain!

Sanaa biscuits

We also tried the Coconut Drop Biscuits which are available as a side for $1.99. The biscuits had a pinch of sweetness to them and they were a nice add-on to an already excellent meal.

Breakfast at Sanaa blends a wonderful atmosphere with great cuisine and value. If you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, the meal should absolutely not be missed. Even if you are simply visiting Animal Kingdom for the day, taking a break for an hour in the morning to get to enjoy a relaxing breakfast here is worth your time if you’re not in a rush. This is one of the best, if not the best, counter-service breakfasts at any Disney Resort.

Overall Rating – 9.5/10

Sanaa table Mickey Mouse

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