Disney Parks News Round-Up & Giveaway

There’s been a little bit of news this week around the Disney community along with a few minor reviews that I’ve wanted to write but didn’t think would fill up an entire blog post. What better excuse to do an odds & ends post and then add a giveaway to it! We’ll get to the giveaway at the bottom of the post after running down some news and pieces of interest. At least they’re interesting to me, hopefully you feel the same!

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish

If you’ve been following along with the blog the last week or two, you’ll notice that we’ve been running through some Disneyland content. We’ve been visiting quite a bit and will even more in a few weeks once Magic Key (Annual Passes) drops. While it took a few months for us to visit after opening, there were a few minor changes that I haven’t brought up on the blog and the most notable was the change from Snow White’s Scary Adventure to Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.

Dwarves Snow White's Enchanted Wish DL

Disney was well underway with this change when the pandemic started, with the changed attraction scheduled to open in late spring or early summer. Obviously, that didn’t happen and Enchanted Wish opened with the park back in April. I try to go into new rides and lands completely blind, without any preconceived ideas or without having read any reviews. That was the case here except that I was doubtful I’d like the changes more than the original. I think Fantasyland should embody both the exciting and beautiful fantasies as well as showcase some of the darker side. Fantasmic! says as much. Snow White’s Scary Adventure captured both of those emotions but really showed off the darker part at the end.

While I do miss the dark ending, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the changes. Speaking on a broad scale, the attraction looks brilliant with a nice blend of classic dark ride and some brighter moments. The dwarves are more heavily featured and their scenes are beautiful. The one knock I’d give the attraction is that now the story has become slightly more of a book report of the movie whereas that was not the case before. That’s not my favorite style of attraction plot but it still makes more sense than the greatest hit sequences we see in other recent dark rides like Little Mermaid or Monsters Inc. Mike & Sully to the Rescue. Overall, Snow White’s Enchanted Wish ended up in the same spot in the Disneyland Attraction Rankings after the changes as some are positive while some aren’t quite as much. I’ll take that as a win as the ride continues to be a vital part of the best Fantasyland around.

Snow White's Enchanted Wish starry scene DL

Space 220 Restaurant Opening

Over on the other coast, we have found out that Space 220, a new Epcot restaurant, will open in mid-September. Finally. I’m not going to go look it up but I truly feel like I’ve been writing about this restaurant for five years. I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to eat there but just knowing that it will actually open is surprising at this point.

Mission Space Planets

Space 220 gets its name from the restaurant offering an experience that will make you feel like you’re 220 miles into space, looking at Earth. Maybe it won’t make you feel like that as I don’t think the trip up to literal space would make you feel very good. Once inside the restaurant, after a trip up through elevators, the Space 220 restaurant menu will feature a two-course prix fixe menu for lunch, and a three-course prix fixe menu for dinner. While no prices have been released, I’m going to go ahead and guess that this will be quite expensive. Opening next to Mission: SPACE, this restaurant should give Epcot some much needed continuity in theme. I don’t know if it will be worth your time or money but the concept is sound! The opening should kick off a year of interesting additions to the park.

Parades Coming Back

The last bit of info I wanted to touch on comes on the heels of Disney announcing that Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade will be included in the new Christmas After Hours Event. Since we’ve already covered that news in a post, I thought I’d take a look at what this might mean for other parades at WDW and Disneyland Resort.

Castle start of parade MVMCP

At this point, I don’t think Disney holding off on parades has much to do with COVID-19 or any health related issues. Seeing how the announcement about the Christmas parade came at the current height of the Delta Variant, parades not being shown because of that doesn’t stand to reason. Instead I think Disney has slowly been trying to round the parks into form while recouping some of their lost costs over the last year and a half. Running a parade is expensive, and while I don’t typically defend the company saving money, I’m sure that has played (large) role in why we haven’t seen floats coming down Main Street yet.

It’s odd to be in the parks in the afternoon though because people still sit on the curb and, probably without knowing it, seem ready for a parade. They do make castle parks much better and both Festival of Fantasy and Magic Happens are excellent pieces of their respective park’s puzzle. I think the parades could start as soon as Disney wanted to hire the Cast Members to make them happen.

Mickey closer Magic Happens DL

With the announcement of the Christmas Parade, I think we’re likely to see an afternoon Magic Kingdom parade return before the end of the year and possibly by the 50th anniversary on October 1st. Having this celebration without a parade would be somewhat disappointing and bringing back Festival of Fantasy or something new would be a boon to the park. My forecast for Disneyland is a little less optimistic, as I don’t think we’ll see a daytime parade for at least a few months. The resort is still ramping up relative to Walt Disney World and hiring is going a little slower. Hopefully both parks will have something soon!


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  1. When it comes to Disney rides, I love spoilers because I want to know what to expect and whether or not the ride will be worth my time. Especially if it’s a ride that looks interesting to me, the curiosity will eat me alive, so I have to check it out on youtube before I even get a chance to check out the ride myself.

    I was upset to hear about Disney changing Snow White’s Scary Adventures because I hated the idea of making the ride more happy. Snow White’s journey was anything but happy; she was put in danger because of the Evil Queen. I also don’t like that they changed the name of the ride. Then again, I’m always hesitant whenever Disney makes changes to a classic ride (Jungle Cruise, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, California Screamin,’ Splash Mountain). I do miss some of the dark elements from Snow White’s Scary Adventures, but I love the projections and figures used in the new ride.

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