2019 D23 Expo Announcement: New Daytime Parade “Magic Happens” Coming to Disneyland

Disneyland’s Soundsational Parade recently ended a long standing run at the park. Today, at D23, Disney announced the parade’s successor, “Magic Happens”. The new daytime parade will open in spring of 2020 and the parade will celebrate moments of magic that are at the heart of Disney stories.

The parade will feature Mickey and Minnie leading the way followed by Moana, Coco and Sleeping Beauty floats. I’m sure there will be many other floats along the way incorporated with high-energy music written by Todrick Hall.


This is likely the D23 announcement I’m most excited about. It wasn’t unexpected, with Soundsational ending earlier this summer but then again I thought both castle parks would have an original nighttime parade this year.

Speaking specifically of Magic Happens, the concept art looks really promising. I’m happy to see Moana and Coco both get an intricate and detailed float. I’ll be even more happy if the parade offers a variety of both popular and under-appreciated Disney films.

More than anything, I’m hoping for a jaw-dropping parade with show stopping floats. To me, Soundsational was a very average parade that wasn’t memorable. Having a brand new, state-of-the-art parade is what Disneyland deserves. The news about Todrick Hall writing a song for the parade isn’t really my cup of tea but it doesn’t dissuade me at all.

Overall, I’m very excited for Magic Happens to come to Disneyland. The park was ready for an updated parade and it gets just that in the spring of 2020.

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