2019 D23 Expo Announcement: Details on Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

As we’ve known for a couple of years, a heavier Avengers presence was coming to Disney California Adventure. That presence became a little clearer with a few D23 Expo announcements this weekend. The first of these announcements is that the new Marvel land will be called Avengers Campus.

In addition to Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! and the previously announced Spider-Man ride, Avengers Campus will include Pym Test Kitchen, themed to Ant Man. This restaurant will use the Pym Technology (or so they say) that Ant Man uses to grow and shrink food. Giant food! Or really tiny food.

The land will include interactions with many Marvel superheroes and in phase 2 of the land, an all new E-ticket attraction will open where guests fly alongside Avengers through Wakanda and beyond. The attraction will feature an innovative ride system.

I’ll be back with commentary on this announcement in the following days. For the original release of this news, here’s a link the Disney Parks Blog post.


Avengers Campus is coming into form with these announcements. While we knew there was an Ant-Man restaurant in the works, along with Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! and the upcoming Spider-Man ride, but didn’t have the details behind it.

Pym Test Kitchen seems like a fun idea for a restaurant and much better than just a generic cafeteria where ‘the Avengers all eat together’. I like the idea of shrinking or enlarging different foods and hope that idea isn’t half-baked. I don’t have many expectations as far as the food goes but this should be a fun addition to the land and, at the very least, seems like a convenient place to get some sliders.

The other announcement comes in the form of an E-ticket a few years down the road. Speaking just about the ride, I’m very excited! While I’m only a moderate Marvel fan, flying next to the Avengers and soaring over Wakanda sounds incredible. Wakanda is full of fantastic world building and, in that way, is primed for a theme park attraction.

News of an innovative ride system is likewise exciting. Pushing the boundaries in action rides is difficult but absolutely necessary. Considering how great Universal’s Spider-Man ride is (even with being fairly old at this point), it’s no sure thing that Disney will have the best Marvel ride in the country. I’m sure that this Avengers ride will look to beat that.

As for the entire land from an aesthetic point of view, I am not excited. I’ve been skeptical about what the land will look like since it was announced and the concept art hasn’t quieted any worries. For one, the land still doesn’t really fit in the park’s theme. We’ve covered this before so I won’t rehash the point but a nondescript Avengers Campus won’t push the overall theme of California Adventure because it doesn’t feel like California.

This building is especially concerning. I hate the look of the giant block buildings that look like repurposed warehouses, and this looks exactly like that no matter how silver it is. The building off to the side looks far more interesting but I’m hoping the main building isn’t an eye sore like the Guardians of the Galaxy building in Epcot is. Time will tell.

I’m nearly positive that this land will include some very fun rides. Mission: BREAKOUT! already accomplishes that and I’m sure the other two additions will add to it. What concerns me about Avengers Campus is the overall aesthetic and whether it will be a nice area to simply walk around.

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