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Question of the Week (5/8/17)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question, here is this week’s!

Question of the Week: It is easy to remember park entrances but not as easy to think of park exits. What is your favorite Disney theme park exit?

Blue Pink castle

Melissa – Magic Kingdom and the Kiss Goodnight. Andrew loves to stay late at park closing and snap photos of the parks lit up. I love to follow him around and people watch. Most of the time in Magic Kingdom though I’ll let him go off and will go through some Main Street shops and then just find a place to sit and watch as others leave. And then it’s the cherry on top when you get to see the Kiss Goodnight with hardly anyone in the park. It’s magical!

Andrew – My favorite exit is either California Adventure. I like that it follows the Disneyland/Magic Kingdom style of walking down a street but then it has a town square to stop at. I also love the look of Carthay Circle at night compared to daytime. Oswald’s Gas Station is a wonderful nod to the first character Walt Disney ever created, plus it looks really good. Animal Kingdom came in a close second place, with all of the little trails near the exit.

Main Street Plant

Cassie – Since I have only been to Disneyland and Cali Adventures (and Drew picked that one) I’ll say DISNEYLAND! I always associate Main Street with leaving Disneyland which I love. There is such an energy at the end of the day at the parks on main street after the firework show and even though there is a lot of traffic and it can be kind of overwhelming around all the people, I love the atmosphere. I definitely miss the railroad as well which was an iconic part of leaving Disneyland as you walk underneath it to exit.

UK gardens night

What Disney Park has your favorite exit? Let us know in the comments!

I haven’t linked to other blog posts on here often lately, time is fickle.  However I was struck by a post I read recently regarding Disney Park construction and some of the missteps the company takes.  Here is a link to that blog post.  I highly encourage anyone who enjoys theme parks to read it, as I found the writing thought-provoking.

ToL lake

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