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Question of the Week (2/19/17)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Let us know your answer in the comments.  Let’s get to the question, a two-parter!

Tomorrowland entrance night

Question of the Week: Disneyland went through a downpour this weekend. Do you enjoy going to the parks in rainy weather? If you could choose one weather condition outside of sunny to visit the parks during what would you choose?

Cassie – I’m not a fan of rainy days at the park. I’ve been to Disneyland multiple times when it dumps rain and it hasn’t been enjoyable. While the park is slower than usual when it rains, it seems to have more adverse side effects. 1. A lot of attractions shut down. 2. Everyone swarms the indoor attractions and shows. 3. It is just uncomfortable.

Snow at the parks might be fun!? Not that it would ever snow in CA or FL. But it would make for some amazing photo opportunities!

Frozen ice diggers

Leslie – I actually didn’t mind the rain too much when I worked there. It thinned the crowds as tourists were not prepared (it also doubles poncho and umbrella sales!) though there is the problem of attractions shutting down because of the rain. This is the time where most people have to make the decision of if they will wait out the rain or go back to their hotels. Once the rain has passed it will pick back up again. I suggest catching indoor attractions, shopping, or even making some last-minute reservations at a restaurant to pass the time until the sun comes out.

Much like Cassie I would love to see real life snow in the parks. Photos would be a dream come true and Christmas time would be extra magical but I have a feeling the parks would come to a screeching halt with the first few flakes haha.

Tomorrowland lagoon night

Melissa – I actually enjoy the rain at the parks…mostly in Florida though. The times we have been there and it rained, it didn’t last for long and always cleared out the parks making it easy to get on the rides that typically have long lines. I don’t think I’ve experienced a lot of rain in Disneyland though so I’m not sure if it would be different or not.

The only bad part of the rain depends on when it happens. A lot of the time if it happens near firework show times, those will get canceled and then it’s just really sad.

Swiss Family Robinson water system

Andrew – I also like the rain at Disney Parks. While it can increase the crowds inside, it often frees up the attractions that are outside. I really like the rain at night (as long as it doesn’t cancel anything) as the reflection of the lights in the wet pavement creates some fun photographs and beautiful scenes. I travel with ponchos so I don’t worry about getting soaked.

Since everyone chose snow as the extreme weather (which is the best choice) I’ll go with hail. I don’t really have any reason aside from finding hail interesting. You could say I chose it just for the hail of it…

Mickey rope dock

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