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Question of the Week (1/30/17)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney Parks related question.  Here is this week’s!


Question of the Week: Would you be for or against removing Autopia/Tomorrowland Speedway from Disneyland & Walt Disney World? If it does go, what type of attraction would you like to see there?

Cassie – Great question! I would say rather than remove the ride completely, renovate and update it. Autopia has a lot of sentimental value and nostalgia associated with it, however the ride it self is very, very outdated and could use a major facelift. I think if they re-did the track and made the ride a bit more thrilling and less clinky clanky, it would appease most everyone. I am thinking of a more cars like track but with the same theme as the original ride. Also, the ride could be more of a flying cars simulation ride which is much more futuristic than the current ride.

Andrew – I like that idea, Cassie. I’m more in the thinking that the attraction should just be removed and they could start over with the land. The attraction footprint is so big that I’d like to see the different things they could do with that space. Ideally, I’d like a futuristic (duh) attraction that all ages could ride. I’d want it to be more thrilling than the current Autopia/Speedway ride. The Tron Coaster that opened in Shanghai is an interesting ride vehicle and proposition. I think that ride vehicle might be something to try but instead have it on a guided track instead of a roller coaster. That way more kids could ride and ‘drive’ the bike. I’d either go with that or a trackless dark ride that has a sense of thrill to it.

Tomorrowland TTA night

Melissa – Unfortunately I find autopia and the tomorrowland speedway very outdated. On our last trip we ventured into the speedway. It smelled like gas, you couldn’t go to fast and it hurt your foot to hold down the gas pedal. I agree with Cassie that these rides hold a lot of sentimental value. I mean I remember thinking when I was younger how cool it was that I got to drive a car! But every time I’ve gone on sense then, it leaves much to be desired. I do like the idea of it for kids, but in the interest of myself, (yes I’m going to choose selfishness today) I think I’d like something new to come in its place. It’s hard to say what though. The future is hard to predict and the possibility of putting something in and it getting old fast is really high. I think it would be fun to somehow replace it with something that holds a nod to the past but has thrill and inspires imagination of all ages.

Leslie – The child in me loves Autopia, I remember walking through the cue thinking the talking cars were so great long before Cars was a thing. The idea of driving a car and even getting a license was such a fun souvenir. Much like other adults though I am not a fan of the gas smell, the track is rough and the bouncing of the cars kind of kills the experience. I would like to see a new attraction but it is hard to place what should go there. I worry that we might be getting to the point we need to revamp Tomorrowland. Honestly I would love to see it modeled more after Tokyo Disney with a tomorrow that could have been, instead of continuously revamping it.

Tomorrowland entrance night

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