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Question(s) of the Week

Over the course of this week, my friend Darin will be doing a ‘takeover’ of Wandering in Disney. The both of us and our wives recently went to Walt Disney World and he’ll be here offering his thoughts. Darin and I do a podcast called The RoseBuds that you can check out here. I’ll be around with a post or two but it’s mostly going to be Darin. Leave any questions or thoughts in the comments and I will still get to them.

Every Sunday all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Not here though. This is my takeover and apparently I have the freedom to do whatever I want (Editor’s Note – Yeah, I’ve basically given up), so since I never got to answer a classic Question of the Week I’m taking five older questions from one of my favorite segments on the blog and answering them myself.

Beast's castle

Question of the Week: There’s a rumored Pixar Place expansion in the soon-to-be newly named Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you could pick any Pixar film (or franchise) and put them into an attraction for this area, what film would you choose? It doesn’t have to be your favorite Pixar film but the one that you think best translates to a theme park.

Darin- WALL-E! Where the heck is Wall-E in the Disney Parks? I gave up hope there were any Wall-E related souvenirs in the parks, but I think that movie would be perfect for a ride. I mean the beginning of the movie is exploration which is half the fun of being in a Disney Park and also what you’re doing at the front of every movie based ride. Then there is the romantic angle which again every movie based ride goes though. Don’t you think the scene where Wall-E and Eve fly around space could be beautiful as an animatronic or 3D show? The film becomes an action movie as well and there for the ride you are on becomes faster and more exciting. So many ideas pop into my head for a Wall-E ride and I hope at one point this becomes reality.

Matterhorn at night

Question of the Week: What is typically in your backpack/bag for a day at Disneyland? Or do you try to not bring very much with you?

Darin- Blood sugar tester. Insulin. Refillable cup. Hoodie. Wife’s stuff. Next question please.

Question of the Week:  If you could be any character for a Disney Meet & Greet, which character would you be? Consider the costume you’d have to wear, the personality you’d have to portray, and the popularity of your character.

A Bug's Land

Darin- Flik from A Bug’s Life. An easy answer. The costume would be pretty annoying I would assume, but which one wouldn’t. I would be stuffed into A Bug’s Land which no one is at so I would never be overwhelmed with people. Honestly I was confused Flik was even there. I mean no one is thinking how cool Flik is when they think of characters they would like to meet at a Disney Park. When we did see him though, I was pleasantly surprised. So I would know that if anyone did come up for an autograph or picture they were true fans, or near boredom. They are at A Bug’s Land after all. As for a personality I would have to put on, just wave. His face is already saying everything you need to know.

Question of the Week: If you could spend one night in any attraction, which one would you choose? You’ll be able to walk around, we’ll pretend that no one would be in there to clean it and the attraction would still run if you wanted it to.

Darin- Great question whoever. I think I’ll pick Peter Pan’s Flight because the ride is so relaxing so it could ease me to sleep, but mostly I had this as my pick because there is literally a bed in the queue at Walt Disney World. I don’t know if the rules are against me going in the queue. If I can, I am surely going on this one. Obviously, it will always be cool floating above London and Neverland so that is also a plus. If I cannot go in the queue for the ride than I will pick the lazy river at the Blizzard Beach water park and if I cannot pick that, then I pick nothing.

Peter Pan Sign

Question of the Week: Besides the castles, what is your favorite park icon (or landmark) and why? The choices would be the Tree of Life (Animal Kingdom), Spaceship Earth (Epcot), Chinese Theater (Disney’s Hollywood Studios), and Carthay Circle (Disney’s California Adventure).

Darin- This is a real nice question. The Tree of Life is my answer. Spaceship Earth is quite the sight to see, the Chinese Theater is a worthy replica of the one in Hollywood, but does not have much to offer other than that. I looked up Carthay Circle and do not remember that at all. Tree of Life is so awesome though, this is the landmark (even more than the castles) that I look at the most. There are dozens of animals that are carved into the tree. It’s hard to see some and fun when you can discover one you did not see before. Also the greatest attraction of all time It’s Tough to Be a Bug! is located under the tree, so that is surely a plus.

ToL ram day

– Darin

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