A New Look For Luigi’s: Cars Land’s First Renovation

The addition of Cars Land to California Adventure was a major success. Imagineers took the time to fully immerses us into Radiator Springs and captivate our imaginations. I could go on and on about everything they did right with Cars Land, however the one place they did fall short is Luigi’s Flying Tires Attraction.

Luigi's tires

There was a similar attraction called “flying saucers” in Tomorrowland that ran from 1961-1966 that used similar technology. Like its former counterpart, Luigi’s flying tires did not fair so well in the parks and actually closed down this past February. Considering Cars Land opened in June 2012 and the ride closed in February 2015, indicates it was not getting the response that Disney was hoping for. In this case, the nostalgia of bringing back a similar ride is better than reality of it. It’s an awkward ride to control and is not thrilling to kids or adults for that matter. In theory, it was a nice idea to pay tribute to a retired Disneyland ride, but it just didn’t cut it compared to other attractions.

luigi's cars

Good news for Radiator Springs though, Disneyland has just announced that Luigi’s will re-open early next year with a new name and ride to debut, it will be called Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters. There have been little details beyond the name and concept art released for the ride, but I look forward to hearing more details.

welcome radiator springs

I’m very excited that they are re-theming this ride because I personally felt it was a thorn in the beautiful image and experience of Cars Land. I feel like another stable ride in Cars Land will maybe help alleviate the wait times a bit from Radiator Spring Racers and add to the whole experience.

What are your thoughts on the new renovation in to Cars Land?

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