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Question of the Week (7/26/15)

Every Sunday our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s question and answer, leave your answer in the comments!

Question of the Week: What is your favorite type of souvenir (as in shirts, ornaments, character stuffed animals, books, etc.) to get from a trip to the parks?

Cassie – I am obsessed with Disney coffee mugs. My latest and favorite would be my Cinderella mug. All the mugs at Disney are so detailed and fun, plus they are constantly changing.

Cassie mug

Kelsee – I love collecting sweatshirts. It’s always been my go to souvenir since I was little. I love to lounge around in them and feel a little bit closer to the parks even when I’m not there.

Andrew – I’m not a big souvenir person but each time we go on a Disney vacation I try to get a piece of artwork that is based on the parks. We like to hang these up in her home to commemorate all of the different trips that we’ve taken. We’ve found some really beautiful artwork along the way. If I didn’t choose that, then I’d go with shirts!

Leslie – I am also a sweatshirt lover especially since I live someplace cold. While I’m here in Florida though I’ve taken to buying tee shirts since it is so hot here. I love being able to wear my souvenir and share my love of Disney with others. It sparks conversation most of the time with people too.

Disneyland map

Melissa L. – I’d say every time we go to a Disney Park, I always leave with at least two new things! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and one of my favorite events is decorating the Christmas Tree. Every ornament has a story or memory that we get to relive overtime we put it on the tree. This is why I also I love to get an ornament on every trip we take. This way I can always remember the great times we have! I also leave a Disney Park with a new mug. I love to drink tea. And drinking tea in a new Disney Mug is THE BEST!

Melissa H. – For years I have collected mugs during any vacation I go on, so that is always one of my favorite things to look through when browsing the shops. I pretty much always come home with a new mug. I think my FAVORITES souvenir though would have to be the professional pictures, whether they are from a ride or just a prime picture area. Even though we love taking pictures, I feel like they are so much better at capturing the magic than we are. Even if I don’t buy the hard copies, at least having the downloads on my computer helps me treasure and revisit the memories!

Disneyland balloons

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