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Question of the Week (8/2/15)

Every Sunday our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here are this week’s question and answers.  Leave your answers in the comments!

Question of the Week: What is typically in your backpack/bag for a day at Disneyland? Or do you try to not bring very much with you?

Leslie – I try not to bring much because it weighs me down. The one thing though I’m never without is hand sanitizer. Many people visit Disney daily. As such many of these people’s germs also visit Disney. I don’t use it all the time, but before I touch my face or eat. This helps me not to get sick after riding a bunch of rides. Other than that I might have a bottle of water, a pen, my basic medicine and if I plan on seeing characters then I bring my autograph book. I also keep several pins for pin trading because I am ever on the look out for Three Caballeros Pins!

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Melissa H. – Generally we go as our family of 4 (my parents, brother, and myself) OR in a larger group of people. We have done Disney many times, so we almost always bring a backpack along and usually end up renting a locker for the day near a park entrance. Once we get to the park we store things that we won’t need until it cools off at night – things like jackets and maybe a change of pants or something depending on the weather. In our backpack we generally keep sunscreen (my father can burn at the smallest hint of sunlight), water bottles, a few small snacks such as bags of trail mix or goldfish, small Ziploc bags to put our phones in for safe keeping on water rides, and maybe a camera or wallet. It sounds like a lot, but most things in the bag are small and fairly light.

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Kelsee – With kids in the mix, there’s always extra items in my bag so my list is pretty long. However, I’ll just list the essentials which are sunscreen, wipes, camera, phone charger, change of clothes for my daughter, small snacks to last us between meals, hand sanitizer, and insulated water bottle.

Melissa L. – I honestly try not to carry any items with me, but I always make sure I have my wallet near by for when I see a snack or souvenir I can’t pass up!

Jolly Holiday at night

Cassie – I bring the same teeny, tiny, red backpack with me every time. Its a drawstring, waterproof Nike one and its perfect. I usually pack a lunch and a light jacket so a small pack is perfect. A purse is annoying too hold and a full size backpack is too big.

Andrew – I really enjoy taking photographs in the parks so my bag is more camera centric (actually I just got a new camera backpack to try out at the parks in a month). My bag has a tripod strapped on the outside. Inside there’s a Nikon D7000 with my zoom lens attached, a 50 MM lens, a 24 MM lens, and several other camera accessories. I also generally throw in a light jacket and a cheap rain poncho (from Wal-Mart or somewhere like that) for the water rides. Otherwise I don’t pack much other than the camera stuff. Of course, I don’t have much more room after that!

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Sorry for the slow week on the blog.  A few of us were out-of-town and/or very busy so the usual posting schedule was switched around a little bit.  This week should be back to normal so stay tuned!

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