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Top-Ten Disneyland Photo Ops

With each passing year, sharing photos on social media has become more and more relevant. When I first went to Disneyland in 1998 all of my family photos were taken on good ol’ disposable cameras. However, these days, our iPhones and Androids can take incredible photos all equipped with the best photo editing apps built right in. With the click of a button, we can update our Facebook statuses or create a new Instagram photo, letting all of our family and friends know what we are up to. That being said, The Disney Resort Parks serve as a photographers (amateur or novice) dream! If you love taking pictures at the park as much as I do, please read my list for the top ten photo ops at The Disneyland Resort.

10. Toontown

Mickey’s Toontown is a bright and vibrant place to snap some great pictures and there are tons of photo opportunities in this small area of the park. All of the photos I have taken in Toontown have always turned out great because of the bold colors associated with the cartoon theme. Here you can pose in a cartoon car, get locked in cartoon jail, or stand beneath the iconic Toontown sign.

Cassie toontown

9. At the top of Mickey’s Fun Wheel

For those not afraid of heights, the top of Mickey’s Fun Wheel is an incredible spot for taking photos. The views from the top of the ride are just gorgeous. If you are serious about taking photos from this location, I would suggest riding the “non-swinging” part of the ride as it will allow you to take more focused pictures once you reach the top. From the top of the wheel you can see across the entirety of California Adventure, making this location one of my favorites to take pictures.

8. Hollywood Land

Hollywood Land in California Adventure offers some really neat photo opportunities. Here, you can snap a shot in front of iconic Hollywood Boulevard, complete with luscious palm trees or you can take a trip back in time to classic Sunset Boulevard, housing the ominous Tower of Terror Hotel. At night, Hollywood Land is all lit up, further enhancing the beauty of pictures taken here. Nothing says a trip to California quite like a classic Hollywood picture!

7. New Orleans Square

When strolling through New Orleans Square it truly feels as though you have stepped back in time. This classic land offers many terrific places to take pictures, complete with the timeless New Orleans architecture. The Rivers of America serve as a stunning background, especially when the Mark Twain Riverboat is in the background. And who can forget the Haunted Mansion, a magnificent albeit creepy place to grab a photo in front of.

6. Main Street USA

Much like New Orleans Square, Main Street USA is an architecturally lovely place to take photos. The turn-of-the-century buildings offer an impressive backdrop, complete with a peak of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the distance. I especially enjoy taking photos in Main Street at Christmas time, as the whole area is dressed to the nine in holiday cheer. The larger-than-life Christmas tree is an especially festive additive to Main Street and an awesome place to take a picture.

Cassie DL entrance

5. Mickey Mouse Flower Garden at the Disneyland Entrance

The Flower Garden at Disneyland’s entrance is definitely one of the most popular places to take a photo. It is truly magical what creativity and craftsmanship goes into creating the Mickey Flower displays, which are constantly changing. Snapping a pic here with your group before entering the park is an excellent way to mark your arrival at the happiest place on earth!

4. Paradise Pier

Paradise Pier is one of the most visually stunning places to photograph, particularly at sunset. The reflection of the sun against the pier’s elegant shore creates the most stunning colors and incredible light for taking a picture. World of Color also takes place at Paradise Pier, offering a multitude of photo opportunities both in the day and at night.

Cassie Minnie

3. With Mickey/Your Favorite Character

For a child, it doesn’t get more magical than meeting a beloved Disney character in real life. Capturing the moment when a child meets their idol creates a photo that will last a lifetime. The Disney Cast Members always ensure that your photo opportunity with a Disney Character is special and memorable.

2. The Grand Canyon at Cars Land

The first time I visited Cars Land in 2012 my jaw literally dropped to the ground. The esthetics that went into making an entire Grand Canyon are unbelievable, and the photos taken here reflect this incredible section of the park. Like Paradise Pier, taking photos at The Grand Canyon at sunset will reflect the best light and color possible. Also, Cars Land in general is the most visually spot-on-place when it comes to the movie vs. the park. When you are here you REALLY feel like you stepped into the Cars movie, and the photos taken here put you right in on the action!

Cassie Cars


1. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

But of course, the most legendary Disneyland icon takes first place. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is not only the most popular place in all of Disneyland to take a photo, it is an absolute classic. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was recently ranked as the number 1 most popular place to take an Instagram photo in the world! Not only do more people take a photo here than anywhere else, but many Disneyland lovers have proposed to their girlfriend/boyfriend under this iconic structure, especially under the romantic Disneyland fireworks display. Once you experience the energy and magic buzzing around the castle gates you will surly want to photograph the memories made here as well.

DL Castle

Don’t forget, if taking your own photos is not for you there are photographers at The Disney Parks who are happy to snap them for you! You can purchase a photo pass containing all the photos from your trip located at the photo shop at the Main Street Photo Supply Co. Happy Snapping!

– Cassie

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