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Question of the Week (4/12/15)

Every week our group of writers get together and answer a Disney-related question. Here is this week’s question and answer (leave your answer in the comments).

Question of the Week:  What is one area of the parks that you always wish you got to spend more time in after you leave? Any park works!

Orleans Square

Andrew – Two answers come to mind when thinking about areas that I always wish I got to spend more time at and they are somewhat connected – Dinseyland’s New Orleans Square and Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. I think both are rich with history and full of detail. They are both covered with imaginative theming and there are many hidden treasures. While I think New Orleans Square has taken a step back with the update to Club 33 and the loss of the Court of Angels, I still think both areas hold a wonderful environment.  I can’t get enough of either areas culture.

Melissa L. – Can I answer all of them??? Because no matter when I leave, I feel that I still have yet to spend enough time in the parks. Life of a Disney lover I suppose! But If I had to choose just one area, I would pick Main Street USA. I always tend to leave my shopping till the end and never seem to have enough time to see all they offer and make decisions! Plus there is so much to see in Main Street USA. For instance I’ve never seen the firehouse or really spent much time in Main Street other than strolling through the shops.

Goofy on MS

Kelsee – I’m going to go with a place at the Disneyland resort because I’ve been there so many times, and I feel like I never have enough time for everything at Disneyworld.

I agree with Melissa L., I feel like I never take the time to explore Main Street USA. I go to the Main shops on the strip such as the Emporium, but I don’t make the time to explore everything else. Main Street is a glimpse into Walt’s boyhood in Victorian Marceline, Missouri, so in a way it’s like walking in the footsteps in part of Walt’s early life. An honorable mention would be Paradise Pier in California Adventure, except for the horrific Mickey’s fun wheel!

Leslie – My problem is I spend so much time here but I would have to say The Seas because I love aquariums and I don’t spend enough time there. Aquariums hold a special place in my heart because I always visited them as a child.

Main Street DW

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