Five Unique and Interesting Places to Watch Wishes

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular is a fireworks show that runs practically every night at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.  The show is the most popular of Disney World’s nighttime shows and is often quite crowded.  The best (or most usual) spot to watch this show is on Main Street or in the Central Hub.  While this post isn’t about watching from there, I will caution on getting to close to the castle.  You may think that you have picked out the perfect spot but the castle can block some of the views of the fireworks.  My favorite place to stand is basically where Main Street meets The Hub.


Just because this spot is the most popular doesn’t mean there aren’t other options though.  If looking for a place that is less crowded or a little more unique, this post will give five other options for you.  Granted the view might not be as good but it will be different and maybe a fun, special change to try.  Let’s get started!

From the Main Street Train Station

This view is probably the most ‘normal’ of the views on the list which is why I included it first.  Also, the secret is probably out on this one and the train station does get fairly crowded (it always depends on the day).  This view does give a more surround picture of the whole park.  Where as if you stand on Main Street for the Fireworks, this view offers the charm of Main Street to go along with Wishes. For photographing, this view gives guests leading lines to the fireworks that you might not be able to get elsewhere.  Again, this one isn’t that different because the train station is almost just an extension of Main Street but, it’s a wonderful view and a rather full one.

From Another Magic Kingdom Land

This area isn’t an area but rather a guess and check maneuver.  Maybe it’s more like, ‘Oh, I forgot about the fireworks’ as you get off Splash Mountain.  Whatever the case, watching Wishes from another land can be pretty interesting.  For this view, find a location that is fairly open (like Liberty Square or between Tomorrowland and New Fantasyland) rather than somewhere with walkways that are surrounded by higher buildings (Adventureland).  If you want to get fireworks from a specific attraction, just make sure that the attraction does go high enough to where you’ll be able to see them.  I’ve never done it but the Swiss Family Tree House seems like it would offer some pretty interesting views (I could be wrong).  The downside to this, or rather these, spots is that guests will not be able to really hear the music and narration that go along with Wishes.

Take a Fireworks Cruise

This is the most expensive way to view Wishes but easily the most unique.  Getting out on Seven Seas Lagoon to watch the fireworks happens every night at Disney World but it’s hard to come across a bunch of people who have done it.  The view would be quite interesting as you have the water and Magic Kingdom entrance in the forefront then the top of the castle followed by fireworks in the background.  I think the view would be quite beautiful.  The cheapest way to do this is with the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage.  This one involves a few characters (Captain Hook and Smee), some storytelling and of course the show.  This package runs for about $57 a person.  You can also rent a pontoon boat that comes with a driver and some basic snacks.  You can have 8 or 10 people on the boat to watch the show, depending on the size of the boat.  This one costs about $290 (for the 8-person) or $345 (for the 10-person).  If you are able to fill up the boat then the price isn’t too bad but if it’s just you and a special someone (and the driver…) then it gets pretty expensive but offers a boatload of memories (pun intended).  There is also the chance to rent The Grand I Yacht.  This is very expensive but would be quite an experience.  While these are expensive, they would arguably be the most special.  If you are interested, you can read more about them here.

California Grill Fireworks

From the California Grill

I reviewed California Grill a few weeks back and, boy, does it give a fun view of the fireworks.  This one is also a bit pricey as you have to pay for dinner first but the dinner and view are worth it at least once, in my opinion.  When the fireworks start guests can watch them from inside the restaurant or an observation deck right outside of the restaurant.  Sitting on top of the Contemporary gives California Grill a bird’s eye view of Magic Kingdom and a pretty interesting look at the fireworks.  This is an unforgettable spot for dinner and a show.

From the Polynesian Village Resort Beaches

If you are looking for something to do on a non-park day, this one has always appealed to me.  Go to the Polynesian Resort and take a look around at the newly renovated resort.  Maybe grab some food from one of several dining locations then settle down on the sand beach and watch the fireworks from across Seven Seas Lagoon.  Now, this will probably be the worst view of the ones I’ve listed but it’s also free.  Literally anyone could do this.  The only money a person would have to pay is the gas money to get there.  Also, this is quite unique by watching fireworks from a beach.  This might be a good choice for families with little ones as the kids could roam around before the show starts.

Blue MK Castle

Honestly, this list could go on for quite a while.  If you can see Wishes then it will probably be a memorable experience, no matter where you are.  What are some of your favorite places to watch Wishes?  Let us know in the comments!

– Andrew

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