Category: Restaurant Reviews

Ristorante di Canaletto Review

Ristorante di Canaletto is a table-service restaurant in Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor.  The restaurant serves pizza and pasta in a gorgeous setting reminiscent of Italy.  This review will include photos of the restaurant and food as well as our thoughts on our experience at the restaurant. Enjoying a […]

New York Deli Review

New York Deli is a counter-service restaurant in Tokyo DisneySea’s American Waterfront.  Like an actual New York deli, this restaurant specializes in sandwiches along with a few sides and cheesecake.  Their Mile High Sandwich is popular and promoted throughout the American Waterfront.  We recently ate at New York […]

Hungry Bear Restaurant Review

Hungry Bear Restaurant is a counter-service restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland’s Westernland.  Hungry Bear specializes in Japanese curry, with several different kinds paired with rice.  This review includes our thoughts on the restaurant as well as photos from our latest visit. A restaurant themed to the old west that […]

Queen of Heart Banquet Hall Review

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is a counter-service restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantasyland.  The restaurant is buffeteria-style and themed to Queen of Hearts’ Castle from Alice in Wonderland.  One of Tokyo Disneyland’s most popular restaurants, Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is one of the most often seen photos […]

China Voyager Review

China Voyager is a counter-service restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland’s Adventureland that serves noodles and ramen.  The prices are under $10 other than the set meal, which includes dessert and a drink.  This review will cover our experience at the restaurant and also includes photos and thoughts on the […]

Vulcania Review

Vulcania is a counter-service restaurant in Tokyo DisneySea’s Mysterious Island.  The restaurant is inside of the park icon, Mount Prometheus.  Vulcania serves Chinese food from roughly $8-$15.  We recently had dinner at Vulcania and this review will cover that experience. Mysterious Island is one of the many incredible […]

Little Red Wagon Review

The Little Red Wagon is just that, sitting at the end of Disneyland’s Main Street.  This counter-service spot serves legendary hand-dipped corn dogs.  There aren’t any frills when it comes to this place – no discounts and not really any seating.  Come for the corn dogs, eat the […]

Leaky Cauldron Review

Leaky Cauldron is a counter-service restaurant in Universal Orlando’s Diagon Alley.  Inspired by the world of Harry Potter, Leaky Cauldron serves English-Pub style food.  The restaurant has several nods to the Harry Potter franchise and is thematically on point.  Aside from minimal savings on a meal plan that […]

Victoria & Albert’s Dining Review

Victoria & Albert’s is a AAA 5-Diamond restaurant at Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort.  It is without a doubt the fanciest and most expensive restaurant on property.  Consistently ranked as one of the top restaurants in America, Victoria & Albert’s serves a mix of cuisines (if I […]