Tokyo Disney Resort Raises Ticket Prices, Changes to Dynamic Pricing

Tokyo Disney Resort has significantly cheaper ticket prices than the parks stateside but even they aren’t above a ticket price increase. Like the domestic resorts, they will change to a dynamic pricing model starting in October, with costs going up or down based on the day of the week and estimated crowd size. In this post, we’ll cover the news and add in our own commentary. Let’s start with the news!

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Tokyo Disney Resort has reduced daily capacity for both Parks relative to pre-pandemic levels. In order to minimize the difference in the number of guests visiting the Parks on weekdays and weekends, and enable a more equal distribution throughout the year of guests visiting the Parks, Park tickets are currently available for purchase in four different price tiers.

From October 1st, price tiers for Park tickets will be divided even further. Expanding the range of ticket prices will equalize attendance even more, providing a flexible range of options available to guests as they plan their visit to the Parks. Additionally, ticket prices for children ages four to eleven will be unaffected this time, so that guests in this age category can continue to create unforgettable memories with their family and friends at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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Here is how the costs compare before October and after:

And here is the calendar of ticket prices from October onward:

As you can see, the changes are moderate and the floor for the pricing remains the same at 7,900 yen. The high end ticket is up by 1,500 yen, going from a peak of 9,400 to 10,900 for an adult ticket. As of writing this on June 23rd, 1,500 yen is rough $10.50 in USD. Doing more conversions, a 7,900 yen ticket would be about $55 and a 10,900 yen ticket would be around $76.

While we never like to see price increases, it’s hard to look at this as an American consumer and not think it’s anything but a great deal even if you have to pay the peak pricing. There are other complaints to be made about Tokyo Disney Resort’s ticketing right now, including no annual passes. Multi day tickets are also unavailable, although that may be starting to change with a new summer offer. But pricing itself is nothing compared to the stateside parks.

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I guess the complaint that could be made here is that the Oriental Land Company (who operates Tokyo Disney Resort) is disguising this as a way to even out park capacity and keep it manageable. That’s a very positive outlook and, while it isn’t technically wrong, there’s more to the story. Like the domestic parks, this is a reason to be able to charge more on the most popular times of the year. I don’t have a problem with that, it should probably just be framed as so.

The pricing does offer an interesting look into a crowd calendar and matches up pretty well with what you’d expect. Weekdays are cheaper and late January is the least expensive time to go. None of that comes as a surprise but I enjoy having another data point as an unofficial crowd calendar.

Buying tickets at Tokyo Disney Resort isn’t the easiest experience but you should be able to purchase 2 months ahead of the date you want to go and can get them through the TDR website. I’ve heard plenty of stories about snafus with the process so be armed with multiple credit cards! If there’s more interest on this matter, let me know and I’d be happy to devote a whole post to buying tickets at the resort.

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