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Café Daisy Review

Café Daisy is a new counter-service restaurant in Disneyland’s reimagined Toontown. With outdoor seating and a counter where guests order, Café Daisy sits right in the middle of the land. The lovely chef Daisy prepares some classic theme park food including hot dogs and pizza. Discounts for DVC members and Magic Key holders are available. In this post, we’ll review the restaurant’s atmosphere, food and value.

Cafe Daisy signs Toontown DL

When the announcement of what food would be offered in Toontown came, I wrote a somewhat jokey post about the offerings and how appealing (or unappealing) they are. Before we knew it, Café Daisy was open and it was time to put my money where my mouth was. That put my mouth in a mob of too many people in Toontown and, more precisely, directly above a hot dog that was confused about ratios and something called a Pizza Flop-Over.

I did have some optimism when Café Daisy was announced. That enthusiasm may have been misplaced but having a new counter-service restaurant at a theme park where most of those spots are surprisingly strong was exciting. Add in that the menu had a hint of ambition with some unique items and maybe Toontown would have a place to eat that was worth wandering back to.

Daisy Cafe seating Toontown DL

The seating at Café Daisy is all outdoor, sitting right in the middle of the land. Because of the truncated footprint, the exit for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway does let out right in that same area, adding some congestion. With that said, we were there on opening day and that is not a good representation of normal crowd levels in Toontown. There were plenty of tables around and umbrellas overhead.

As far as an atmosphere goes, the restaurant is just a part of the land. There’s nothing specific to Café Daisy outside of some signage in the area and Daisy was walking around, which I hope continues well past the opening. Anyone could stroll up to the seating area and rest for a bit, whether they had food or not. The reimagined Toontown is big on making the area feel very city park like and the restaurant continues that theme.

Daisy posing Toontown DL

Whether you like the aesthetics of the land or not will determine whether you will enjoy the environment here. Cafe Daisy is right by City Hall and some of the bigger facades in Toontown. There are much better counter-service atmospheres in Disneyland but it’s not a deterrent. There’s nothing stopping guests from taking the food and eating it on the grass turf areas throughout the land. The picnic vibe is strong and would be especially appealing to families who are ready to let their kids run around for a while.

As far as the food goes, here’s a look at Cafe Daisy’s menu! The five entrees are between $10-$15 and the kids meals are around $8. Let’s get to it!

Daisy Cafe hot dog Toontown DL

If a hot dog looks like this, I’m contractually obligated (by the universe) to talk about it first. This is the Daisy’s Dressed-Up Dog which consists of an all-beef Foot-long with Chili-Cheese Sauce, Mac & Cheese and Parmesan Potato Crispies and served with House-made Chips. Avoiding all of the half-baked jokes inside of my brain, this was a pretty good hot dog. The beef itself was fine but nothing to write home about but all of the fixings added flavor. The real winner here was the Chili-Cheese Sauce and I wish the dog had more of it on there. You can get a side of the sauce to go with the chips, which is probably the best thing on the menu. As for this dish, it was $14.49 which is way too much money. Could I get a larger bun for that price please? It’s a good hot dog but there are better and cheaper options elsewhere at Disneyland Resort.

Daisy Cafe pizza flop Toontown DL

Here’s the Cheesy Pizza Flop-Over for $9.99. Do you remember how excited you were for pizza day at school? Every Friday of third grade you’d gather that lunch money, sit with mouth watering through science class and then go down to the cafeteria to devour the slice. This is that pizza and goes to show that our third grade palettes are terrible. It’s not absolutely awful but it was the worst thing we tried at Café Daisy and I won’t be getting it again. Melissa was a little more favorable in her review saying, “Once in a while, we all just want some bad pizza.” Yep, that about sums it up.

Daisy Cafe wrap Toontown DL

My favorite item we tried was the Spring Garden Wrap. This is a Romaine and Quinoa Wrap with creamy Lemon Dressing and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, served with House-made Chips. I like a few other vegetarian options more at Disneyland but this is a strong addition as the Lemon Dressing added a nice zest and the Pumpkin Seeds added crunch. At $12.99, this is more or less in line with comparable items in the parks. If you don’t want to feel like I did after eating something called a flop-over, then this is the move.

Daisy Cafe donuts Toontown DL

These are the Daisy’s Goody-Goody Donuts. At $5.99, these were covered in cinnamon sugar and, well, everyone likes that! The price is a bit steep but I did enjoy these. Ours were served cold and I’ve seen other people say the same. I don’t know if that was due to the place being slammed on opening day or just the way they come. They’d be much better warm.

Daisy Cafe Watermelon punch Toontown DL

I’ll breeze through the drinks. The best one is the Picnic Time Watermelon Punch, which is lemonade with watermelon syrup and gummies. I thought this was a perfect summer drink. It may be a little on the sweet side but this tasted better than the usual non-alcoholic Disney drinks. Also, I’ve been looking for these watermelon gummies ever since!

Daisy Cafe tea Toontown DL

We also liked Granny Goof’s Garden Sweet Tea, and not just because of the alliteration! Again, this was a bit too sweet but the honey-mango syrup and boba were delicious.

Daisy Cafe coffee drink Toontown DL

Finally, here’s the Specialty Cold Brrr-ew and it was terrible. The coffee tasted watered down and the caramel didn’t make much of an impact on my taste buds. I’m not a big coffee drinker so your mileage may vary here. All of these drinks are a little over $6. I’ll go back for the Watermelon Punch even with the high price tag!

Overall, Café Daisy was fairly disappointing. While the atmosphere was expected and the only viable option with the amount of space they had, the food was just not good enough. It wasn’t my least favorite counter-service meal I’ve had and nothing was terrible outside of the Cold Brrr-ew but when the two things that I will come back for are the chips with sauce and an overpriced drink, that isn’t the highest praise.

Cafe Daisy front Toontown DL

Overall Rating – 5/10

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