New Food Coming to Toontown

Disneyland’s Toontown is opening in just a couple of weeks and with it will come some new food. Disney has released details on the new food that’s set to be released at Café Daisy and Good Boy! Grocers. In this post, we’ll cover the items and add in a little bit of our own commentary!

First up, let’s take a closer look at Café Daisy, a new eatery where Daisy Duck will be showing off her expert culinary skills with the help of the talented Disney culinary teams. Guests will be able to mobile order or order at the counter here at Café Daisy.

Daisy’s Dressed-up Dog

For the grown-ups, there are quite a few dishes Daisy has put together for you. The Daisy’s Dressed-up Dog features an all-beef foot-long hot dog, chili-cheese sauce, mac & cheese, and parmesan potato crispies with house-made chips. For those looking for a simpler hot dog, The Daisy Dog is an all-beef foot-long hot dog with house-made chips and gives you the option of adding on some chili-cheese sauce.

Cheesy Pizza Flop-Over and Pepperoni Pizza Flop-Over

If you’re a pizza lover, there are two options for you too! The Cheesy Pizza Flop-Over features mozzarella and provolone with tomato sauce while the Pepperoni Pizza Flop-Over has pepperoni, mozzarella, and provolone with tomato sauce. Allergy-friendly offerings are available too – just ask at the location!

Spring Garden Wrap

If you’re looking for a plant-based offering, there’s the Spring Garden Wrap. This dish combines romaine and quinoa into a wrap with a creamy lemon dressing and toasted pumpkin seeds accompanied with house-made chips. Yum! 

Cheese Please! Pizza, Pepperoni Please! Pizza, Minnie’s Mini Corn Dogs and Mini Mac and Cheesy

The little ones can enjoy the Cheese Please! Pizza with cheese and tomato sauce or the Pepperoni Please! Pizza with pepperoni, cheese, and tomato sauce. There’s also the bite-size Minnie’s Mini Corn Dogs and the tasty Mini Mac and Cheesy.

Toontown ‘Tater Chips and Daisy’s Goody-Goody Donuts

No matter your age, you can snag a side of Toontown ‘Tater Chips – house-made chips with chili-cheese sauce – to add on to your meal. And what meal is complete without my personal favorite – dessert! The Daisy’s Goody-Goody Donuts with cinnamon sugar are not to be missed and are the perfect sweet finish to your dining experience.

Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade and Specialty Cold Brrr-ew

In addition to these dishes, there are some specialty sips available too. The Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade is a refreshing choice with Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade, watermelon premium syrup, and watermelon gummies. Coffee connoisseurs will be pleased with the Specialty Cold Brrr-ew made up of Caramel Mudslide Cold Brew from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. with sea salt and whipped topping. Now those are some yummy beverages!

Next, let’s venture over to the Toontown Farmers Market where you’ll find Good Boy! Grocers. This friendly roadside stand has grab-and-go drinks and tasty treats for you to enjoy, and some new novelties to go along with them.

Some of the snack-sized items you can pick up include pickles, Mini Babybel snack cheese,  Coca-Cola beverages, waters, Topo Chico Sparkling Mineral Water, gluten-allergy-friendly cookies, fruit bars, and whole fruit. Grab as many as you’d like to complete your own picnic outing in Mickey’s Toontown!

Perfect Picnic Basket

If you’re interested in the Perfect Picnic Basket novelty item, I’ve got some important info to share. After picking up your basket, you can choose three – yes, three – snack-sized items such as Cuties Mandarin Orange, yogurt smoothie, applesauce, granola bar, gluten-allergy-friendly fig bar and more. You’ll also be able to choose between a small DASANI water or Minute Maid Juice Box. It’s the ideal way to have a perfect picnic! And if you want to enhance your outing even more, you can also get a Perfect Picnic Blanket to go with your basket!


Instead of some thoughtful commentary on how these items fit into the broader Toontown and Disneyland landscape, let’s break this down internet style! I’ll rate how appealing each item is on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most intriguing and 1 being “I’d rather slurp up the water under Donald’s Boat.” This is all very scientific, in case anyone is questioning the validity. Do I have proof of that? No, but I can take an audio recording of my stomach growling if you’re really interested. Let’s get to it.

Daisy’s Dressed Up Dog – 7

This splits the line between appealing and intriguing, so let’s ask some questions. Do I think this will taste good? Yeah, I’ll probably enjoy it. Is there a chance that it results in a heart attack? Certainly. Does it actually look good? The photo here looks pretty good for being a hot dog but I’d be willing to bet quite a bit of money that this will not look that good in person. All of that clearly leads to a 7.

The Daisy Dog – 5

A couple of points below the other dog because you might as well go big when eating in Toontown.

Cheesy Pizza Flop-Over – 4

I can’t decide if it’s funny that they called it the flop-over or if it’s just unappetizing. Both? I generally don’t like my food to flop although most of it does. I have a hard time thinking this will be good.

Pepperoni Pizza Flop-Over – 5

The heartburn from the pepperoni is worthy of an extra point here.

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway concessions DL

Spring Garden Wrap – 7

This actually looks good and I’ve been generally impressed by Disneyland’s plant based options. Creamy Lemon Dressing is certainly intriguing!

Kids Stuff – 3

All of these look bad. No commentary needed.

Toontown Tater Chips – 6

Disneyland’s always in need of more savory snacks and the chili cheese sauce has me pretty excited here. Do I wish they’d gone the nacho route here with the sauce over the chips and maybe one other topping? Yeah, but I’m still interested!

Daisy’s Goody Goody Donuts – 8

I mean, they’re donuts. Of course I want them!

The Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade – 5

Look, this sounds delightful and refreshing. I won’t be fooled again though. The Minute Maid lemonade (not a sponsor) is not for me, even if the watermelon syrup is ‘premium’. This will probably do on a hot day, hence the very average rating.

Specialty Cold Brrr-ew – 8

I like the name. You start talking about caramel mudslides and I’ll start listening, even if I’m not the biggest coffee drinker. Chances are this will be an overly sweet coffee drink but I’m sold!

Perfect Picnic Basket and Blanket – 10

This is an adorable idea! I might not pay for it and there may not be much value in it but combining Runaway Railway and Toontown’s new grass (turf) area into a picnic opportunity is a great idea. The blanket is cute, the basket is a nice souvenir item and it could be a perfect break from a busy Disneyland day.

What do you think of these new food items coming to Toontown? Let us know, along with any questions you might have, in the comments below! Planning a trip to Disneyland Resort? Check out our Disneyland Trip Planning Guide to help you out. If you enjoy what you are reading here on Wandering in Disney please share this post with your friends and like our social media pages. You can also subscribe to the blog via WordPress or email. All of those links are on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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