Update and Names for Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs Expansion

Tokyo DisneySea has embarked on one of the most lavish and extraordinary expansions in theme park history. There has been recent concept art and information coming out about the project, as well as names for the areas. In this post, we’ll update you on the news and add in some commentary of our own.

Before we get to the latest news, a little bit of background info is in order. Fantasy Springs is based on a magical, you guessed it, spring that will lead to a new-age Fantasyland of sorts. The three IP’s in the land will be Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan. The project was projected to be a 2.3 billion dollar expansion and has only gone up since then, although with the current conversion rate it has stayed about the same in USD, just not in Japanese Yen.

Let’s get to the update, complete with the announced names for each section!

Frozen Kingdom

Set after the events of “Frozen,” snow-capped mountains featuring several cascading waterfalls will tower over this quaint village. In the distance, Elsa’s snow-covered ice palace will glisten proudly as you step into the all-new immersive world of Frozen Kingdom.

Rapunzel’s Forest

Guests will soon be able to experience “Tangled” as it comes to life in Rapunzel’s Forest. Rising from the ground, the tower where Rapunzel lived as a child will overlook this new area. At night, it will illuminate the surrounding forest in addition to lamps lining the paths, a glowing restaurant and boathouse windows with lanterns hanging from the boats.

Peter Pan’s Never Land

With just a little bit of pixie dust, guests join the ranks of the Lost Kids, explore a pirate ship, dine in a secret hideaway, confront pirates or visit Pixie Hollow, the fairy valley where Tinker Bell lives.

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel

A day of adventures in this magical spring calls for a good night’s rest at Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel. The sixth Disney hotel in Japan, it is situated near Fantasy Springs and allows this dream world to continue from the park to the hotel. It will feature paintings depicting Disney Princesses as well as floral motifs throughout the interior of the hotel.

Finally, Disney and the Oriental Land Company released a video of their progress showcasing the concept art, the model and then the actual construction.

We’ll get to the names and new art in a minute, but the biggest piece of news is that the opening date will be delayed. The project was announced for late 2023 but now has been pushed to spring 2024. Oriental Land Company, the company that runs Tokyo Disney Resort, provided a clearer picture in saying that the land will open in the first quarter of the fiscal year. That would place the opening somewhere between April 1st and June 30th.

The news of the delay is disappointing but not unexpected. Fantasy Springs was announced before the global pandemic and that slowed down the progress, along with making the cost in Japanese Yen balloon. The opening could be pushed back a little to make sure the resort has everything in order after a slow almost three years but I think it has more to do with all of the frustrations that came with COVID.

Despite the delay, the progress in construction is evident as the vertical construction of the landscape appears to be nearing an end. The video shows just how big the area is with several mountains in the span of one land! There’s no shortage of eye candy in there, to go along with the rest of the beautiful DisneySea.

Volcano Ship left side TDS night

As for the names, they’re pretty succinct and bland. I like Frozen Kingdom and Rapunzel’s Forest just fine. It’s maybe a little weird that Frozen Kingdom isn’t just called Arendelle, since that is a recognizable name from the film. I’m guessing they just wanted to have Frozen in the title though.

Peter Pan’s Never Land is wordy, although I’m sure most will just refer to it as Never Land. Why is Peter Pan thrown in? Your guess is as good as mine, Disney keeps doing this in all of the parks with new attractions. It’s good to clear up that Never Land is a part of Peter Pan for the one percent (seems high) of people who didn’t remember! Finally, Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel readily describes what the hotel is. Good job there?

All of this news comes on the heels of a few exhibits at the D23 Expo, which included miniature replicas of the ride vehicles. Having each section include an attraction (Never Land gets 2!) is very exciting and will help spread the people around DisneySea. It also appears that each section will have a shop and restaurant to go along with the landscape and rides.


Overall, I get more and more excited for this project. OLC does not seem to be cutting any costs and the progress looks beautiful. The news of the delay is disappointing but it’s not far off the initial schedule, and wasn’t all that surprising. We’ll continue to update the site as the opening draws near.

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