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La Crêperie de Paris Review

La Crêperie de Paris is a table-service restaurant in Epcot’s World Showcase. Located in the expansion area of the France Pavilion, this restaurant also has a counter-service window connected to it. Chef Jérôme Bocuse, who also heads Chefs de France and Monsieur Paul in the France Pavilion, takes the reigns at La Crêperie de Paris. In this post, we’ll discuss the restaurant’s atmosphere, food and value. You can also stay tuned to see whether I keep using the accent in Crêperie. Now that’s intrigue!

La Creperie de Paris menu Epcot

With all of the hubbub that has gone into the opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, La Crêperie de Paris has largely gone unnoticed. Much of this new area in World Showcase is crowded and used as a queue for the new ride. If not overcrowded in that way then there’s generally a line for the outside crepe window along with people using the restrooms. For as whimsical as the area is, there’s not much space to stand around and enjoy the sights. Thankfully, La Crêperie de Paris offers a yin to the area’s yang with a relaxing atmosphere.

While the rest of this addition to the France Pavilion is more idealized than the other World Showcase spots, La Crêperie de Paris takes on a more minimalistic design. The restaurant looks sleek with straight lines and dark wood tones against the hard gray floor. Relative to other Disney World restaurants, there really weren’t that many tables in there. Upon opening, La Crêperie de Paris didn’t take reservations but that has since changed so maybe a few tables have been added to this somewhat small space.

La Creperie de Paris inside tables Epcot

If Chefs de France is supposed to mimic a bustling restaurant in the heart of Paris, La Crêperie de Paris could be the café where the locals reside to read a novel or chat up an old friend. I think that’s the goal of the restaurant but the atmosphere doesn’t fully get there. I appreciated the quieter nature when we dined there but the lack of theme and brightness could be seen as hard and uninviting. All of this makes for a nice and quiet place to have a meal but definitely not in the upper echelon of thematic design in Epcot restaurants. I do think the casual nature of the restaurant matches the food though, and I think that was ultimately the goal.

Speaking of the food, here’s a look at the menu. Surprise! It’s all about crepes here. Outside of the soup and salad appetizers, all of the food offered are crepes. There is a nice Prix Fixe menu, which we partook in, that includes an appetizer, savory crepe, dessert crepe and glass of hard cider, juice or soda for $33. This is enough food to share and the addition of hard cider as a drink is a pleasant surprise.

La Creperie de Paris cider Epcot

A Brut, Doux or Demi Sec were the options on the hard cider. I went with the Doux which was crisp and sweet. The three offered were French Ciders. I thought the drink paired very well with the crepe.

La Creperie de Paris salad Epcot

Moving on to the Salad Maison, which was the appetizer. This was served with Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Onions, and Vinaigrette. The Mixed Greens were fresh and I especially liked the Vinaigrette, which had some acidity paired with a slight mustard taste. It was a nice appetizer and a good pairing with the crepes, albeit nothing too interesting. Both the soup and the salad are $6.75 each(if you don’t order from the Prix Fixe menu), which is a solid value compared to other WDW restaurants.

La Creperie de Paris Chicken and Mushroom Crepe Epcot

One of the savory crepes (Galettes) we ordered was the Poulet which came with Chicken, Bechamel Cheese Sauce, and Mushrooms inside of the Buckwheat Crepe. I really enjoyed this as the Chicken and Mushrooms added nice texture to the Galette. I especially liked the flavor of the Mushrooms paired with the Bechamel Cheese Sauce. This was fairly rich but not overly so.

La Creperie de Paris Salmon Crepe Epcot

We also tried the Salmon Galette. This came with Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraîche, Chives, and Lemon. On first taste, there was more flavor here as the Crème Fraîche was very strong. I enjoyed all of the flavors as it’s comparable to a Bagel and Lox. After a while though the Crème Fraîche became a little overpowering. I think this would be a good one to share, if you are interested in it. Unlike other savory crepes we’ve tried here, all of the ingredients were on top of this one.

All of the Galettes come in at $15.95, which is a good deal for a table-service entrée. Weirdly enough, a couple of the Galettes are offered at the counter-service window outside the restaurant for at least $5 cheaper. The Ratatouille edition is 7 dollars cheaper at the counter-service window and was our favorite of what we tasted. They were slightly smaller but not to the point where it should be that big of a price difference.

La Creperie de Paris Apple Crepe Epcot

Moving on to the Dessert Crepes, above is the Pomme with Caramelized Apples, Caramel Beurre Salé. The Caramel here is cooked and comes off as smoky and has a slight burnt taste to it. We may have had just a crepe that didn’t come off well but the waitress said this was a pretty normal complaint. The Apples and Caramel did taste delicious, it was more just blackened crepe that was the problem.

La Creperie de Paris Pomme Dessert Crepe Epcot

The Melba was much better with Peach, Red Berries Sauce and Almonds. The crepe was cooked to perfection and the berries and peach were delicious. I’d happily order this one again and do recommend it.

La Creperie de Paris chocolate crepe Epcot

Finally, here’s the Gourmande. This crepe is served with Hazelnut-Chocolate Spread and Whipped Cream. It’s a fairly simple crepe but still delicious as the Chocolate Spread was rich and decadent. The Whipped Cream paired well and cut through a bit of the richness. Overall, I enjoyed the Melba Crepe more but I tend to like fruit desserts over chocolate more anyway. Crazy, I know.

The Dessert Crepes were all $8.95 and were a dollar or two more than the counter-service options. They were slightly more intricate though.

La Creperie de Paris kitchen window Epcot

Overall, La Crêperie de Paris is a solid table-service addition to Walt Disney World. The atmosphere is solid but unremarkable. Whether or not you should go to the restaurant comes down to how much you value having a sit down meal or counter-service meal. If that’s not a big deal to you, there are comparable items right outside of the restaurant for almost half the cost at certain times. But WDW is short on quiet places to have a meal and this certainly fits the bill. I like La Crêperie de Paris and it fills a role at Disney World as a cheaper and quieter table-service spot.

Overall Rating – 8/10

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