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Spring 2020 Disneyland Trip Report – Part 2

If you missed part one of this trip report, click here to catch up!

The next morning, Melissa and I made it back into Disneyland a few minutes before opening to get a spot in the Rise of the Resistance virtual queue. All of these months removed from those exciting, stressful mornings, I miss the exhilarating feeling of securing a boarding group. On that particular morning, my thumbs weren’t as fast as usual and we didn’t get a group until later in the day. All was well though and we hopped over to California Adventure to start the morning.

IncrediCoaster Pixar Pier Toy Story Mania DCA

Michaela had a DCP function that morning so we strode over to Toy Story Mania before meeting her. For some reason, the attraction wasn’t running well and the wait was double what the posted wait time was. It was not a fun line to stand in and wasn’t the most efficient way to start the day. Any frustration was wiped out by putting up some good scores in the Midway games.

After the ride, we walked over to Soarin’. The attraction had just switched to the original Soarin’ Over California instead of Around the World, and we were eager to get on it. Sadly, we missed our first FastPass window but ended up being able to get another one right away as we met Michaela. With a return window a little ways out, we walked over to Cars Land to grab some breakfast at Flo’s.

Flo's breakfast waffle face DCA

Between the kids meal Melissa ordered and my fruit and yogurt plate, this was the cheapest meal I’ve ever had at a Disney Park. That said, it was more than enough to get by. You can read our full review here.

The choice of where to go after breakfast was easy seeing as how the single-rider line for Radiator Springs Racers was a few feet away. We stood in line for maybe 10 minutes before getting on the attraction. While I prefer Racers at night, it’s a very nice way to start the day.

RSR inside Cars Land DCA

Our FastPass window for Soarin’ was up so we walked back over to Grizzly Peak and got on the ride. While I never considered myself a huge fan of either version of the attraction, it was evident from the first few scenes how much I prefer Soarin’ Over California to its replacement. Honestly, that ride through made me slightly emotional. The score is fantastic and the original Soarin’ flows wonderfully. I would be incredibly happy if California Adventure went to Soarin’ Over California full time. For a park that’s slowly being stripped of it’s identity, the original attraction restores some of that. Plus, it’s just better.

Soarin over California Golden Gate DCA

After Soarin’, we park hopped over to Disneyland for lunch and a show. For some reason, we decided that Mickey and the Magical Map was the way to go. The show has been suspended in recent weeks and I don’t think it is likely that it will return. While the performances from the actors are good, and we certainly hope they are able to find bigger and better things, the show was stale and in need of a replacement. I hope that in time the theater is either replaced by expansion or a new show is brought in to liven that part of the park up. All that said, Stitch really hams it up!

Stitch purple Magical Map DL

Unlike the show, lunch certainly didn’t disappoint. Troubadour Tavern resides right next to the theater and is an excellent place to go for a cheaper option. They basically just serve baked potatoes in different forms. All of the options are under $10, making it a good value and we liked all of the ones we tried.

Loaded baked potato Troubador Tavern DL

From there we hopped on the train at Toontown Station and rode over to Tomorrowland to start our brief mountain tour. I do not know when single-rider lines will be back. I don’t really know when anything will be back to normal actually. But, single rider lines are great and the Space Mountain edition is especially wonderful.

Single Rider Space Mountain sign DL

After we zoomed through the stars we headed back towards Fantasyland for a ride on the Matterhorn via a FastPass we got earlier in the day. While it is outside, Matterhorn Bobsleds has a sneaky good queue. I love the music loop and the flags are a personal favorite. Not to mention, the cast member costumes are excellent.

Liberte Matterhorn sign DL

Our mini mountain tour ended and we walked back to the hotel for a late afternoon rest. Michaela went off to work for the night and Melissa went down for a nap. I think I might have slept too but I don’t honestly remember. I was coasting off about 4 hours of sleep per night that week but that was just fine!

Our Rise of the Resistance window had opened right around the time we started heading back towards the park. Unfortunately, that was ill-timed with a showing of Magic Happens. So there was some hustling to get through a crowded Main Street and eventually wind back to Galaxy’s Edge. We made it but it was a little closer than we wanted it to be.

Kylo RotR DL

Going from rushing through the park immediately to Disneyland’s latest and greatest ride was a thrill and slightly exhausting. Usually it’s a build up to going on Rise of the Resistance but this time our minds were otherwise occupied until a First Order Officer was yelling at us to get in line. Personally, I like the buildup but it didn’t really diminish this ride through.

Carnation Cafe outdoor seating DL

We rode an attraction or two with low wait times before heading to dinner at Carnation Cafe. There’s a review coming of this Disneyland classic but the restaurant is quaint and charming. The food there is decent but really it’s the atmosphere that shines. I’m eager to try breakfast there whenever we can get back to Disneyland again.

Pirate skeleton bed PotC DL

With bellies full of comfort food, it was time for a leisurely ride of visiting dead pirates. There are certain scenes that are next to impossible to photograph in Pirates but, overall, it has become one of my favorite attractions to shoot. I often end up with the same photos over and over again but I enjoy the challenge and the scenes fill the frame without me having to get creative.

PotC stairs DL
PotC light brick DL

Unfortunately, Melissa was still feeling pretty lousy that night so I walked her most of the way back to the hotel so she could get to sleep a little earlier. It was probably a smart move compared to the 4 or 5 hours I was planning to get! I walked back into the park and spent the rest of my night around Tomorrowland, taking photographs and hopping on a ride or two. It was another wonderful day that I’ll cap off with a few nighttime photos!

Astro Orbitor tall night DL
Star Trader neon night DL
Partners Statue DL night

We’ll pick up the next installment on the next day, with an early morning at Disneyland. If you have any questions or comments, including any additions you’d like to see in future trip reports, please let us know in the comments below. Planning a trip to Disneyland Resort? Check out our Disneyland Trip Planning Guide to help you out. If you enjoy what you are reading here on Wandering in Disney please share this post with your friends and like our social media pages. You can also subscribe to the blog via WordPress or email. All of those links are on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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