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Liberty Tree Tavern Review

Liberty Tree Tavern is a table-service restaurant in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Located in the park’s Liberty Square, the restaurant celebrates a few of American’s forefathers inside of an 18th century colonial inn. The restaurant takes place in the Disney Dining Plan as a table-service credit, accepts Tables in Wonderland, and offers an Annual Pass Discount. This review will include photos of Liberty Tree Tavern, as well as thoughts on the restaurant’s atmosphere, cuisine, and value.

Liberty Square is one of Magic Kingdom’s most immersive lands, showing off incredible details in a set time period. That attention to detail stretches to Liberty Tree Tavern both in terms of architecture and nods to American history. The restaurant sits right next to the land’s Liberty Tree, a model of the Liberty Tree in Colonial Boston.

Liberty Tree Tavern entrance MK

Like the rest of the facades in Liberty Square, Liberty Tree Tavern is a modest building that fits into the land as an Inn. There’s a modest porch and the entrance of the restaurant looks like a lobby. The restaurant is a beautiful blend of brick and wood ceiling. While it won’t win any awards for most stunning restaurant, it is clear that Liberty Tree Tavern staunchly follows the theme laid out for it.

Once past the lobby or check-in area of Liberty Tree Tavern, the restaurant is broken into different rooms that honor Americans forefathers. These six rooms celebrate Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross and George Washington. While I enjoyed the details and photos honoring these people in their distinct room, I think the lobby is my favorite aspect of the restaurant.

Liberty Tree Tavern corner booth MK

The dining rooms had paintings of either the individual or some details about their life, as well as little trinkets. All in all, the atmosphere is an excellent extension of the land outside. While Liberty Tree Tavern won’t sweep you off your feet with beauty, the restaurant is extremely charming and full of interesting details. If you enjoy American history then this restaurant should be very appealing to you, at least from an atmosphere perspective.

Moving on to the food, here’s a look at Liberty Tree Tavern’s menu. The restaurant serves American food, from salads and sandwiches to heartier options like Meatloaf and a Thanksgiving feast.

Lobster burger Liberty Tree Tavern MK

I fell somewhere in the middle of those options with the BELL Burger. This burger has Bacon, Cheddar, Poached Egg, Lettuce and Lobster. There’s a lot going on here but I really enjoyed it. I’m a sucker for eggs on burgers and this one was especially good. There’s also a Thousand Island dressing on top that wasn’t completely necessary but didn’t diminish any of the taste. All of the ingredients were fresh and had great flavor.

The downside here is that the burgers, with all of the ingredients inside of it, is nearly impossible to pick up and eat. Eventually, as I tried to put the Lobster back in the burger for the 17th time in 3 minutes, I just gave up and ate the Lobster by itself. Frankly, the whole meal might have been better like this in the first place. While I liked the Lobster inside of the burger, the taste was slightly masked by everything else going on. Fresh Lobster, which this was, probably shouldn’t be masked. Ordering the BELL Burger may be a case of the parts were greater than the whole. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order it. There’s a lot of Lobster here so the entree is a pretty good value at $25, regardless of how you decide to eat it.

Lobster roll Liberty Tree Tavern MK

Melissa ordered the Lobster Roll. As you can tell, this also had a hearty portion of Lobster on it. While there is filling inside of it, just like any Lobster Roll, this was predominantly made up of Lobster. This is another sandwich that is very large and hard to eat but it’s not hard to just move a little bit of the filling off of the sandwich. The bun on the Lobster Roll isn’t anything to write home about but it’s fine. That’s really our only negative when it comes to the sandwich. Otherwise, it was an excellent option. Both of our meals came with fries which were pretty good but nothing special.

Liberty Tree Tavern dessert MK

For dessert we ordered the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake. The cake was very good on first bite but after a few it was pretty clear that the dish might be too sweet. Don’t get me wrong, looking at this picture now makes me want a few more bites but we’d definitely advise sharing this dessert as it was just too rich. While the flavors weren’t anything complex, the dessert was delicious.

From a value perspective, Liberty Tree Tavern is pretty solid when it comes to Walt Disney World. Most entrees are in the low $20 range and there are a few under $20. Of course, the food isn’t all that exotic compared to the more expensive restaurants. If you have an Annual Pass there are sometimes 20% discounts offered, making the value even better.

Betsy Ross Liberty Tree Tavern MK

Overall, we came away impressed with Liberty Tree Tavern. The food was surprisingly good and fresh, the atmosphere fits seamlessly within the land and the value is decent. While the restaurant didn’t blow me away in any one aspect, it’s a really solid option in Magic Kingdom. If you enjoy American history and/or food then Liberty Tree Tavern is a good table-service option.

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

Liberty Tree Tavern room MK

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