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D-Luxe Burger Review

D-Luxe Burger is a counter-service restaurant in Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs in the Town Center section. As the name would have you guess, the restaurant specializes in burgers. D-Luxe Burger doesn’t currently accept Tables in Wonderland or an Annual Pass discount but does take part in the Disney Dining Plan as a counter-service credit. This review will include photos and our thoughts on the restaurant’s food, atmosphere and value.

The Walt Disney World Best Burger Championship Belt is a prized commodity these days. Theme parks aren’t generally the best place to go burger hunting but thanks to a few options in the resorts and Disney Springs, finding a good hamburger at WDW isn’t hard. D-Luxe Burger doesn’t earn the ‘Best Burger’ prize but it’s in the discussion and at a much lower price.

D Luxe Burger inside

The title D-Luxe Burger does earn is being the best counter-service burger in Disney World. Frankly, this isn’t as competitive. Most counter-service burgers have flavorless patties and then try to overcompensate with too many toppings. Before D-Luxe Burger, I’d stopped trying burgers at Disney World counter-service spots because I had not tasted one that I’d particularly enjoyed. As you’ve probably gathered, D-Luxe has changed that and is a worthy counter-service burger if you’re in the Disney Springs area.

The atmosphere in D-Luxe Burger follows the other restaurants in the Disney Springs Town Center area. There are plenty of windows to let in natural light and the inside is mostly wood walls with an assortment of booths and tables. For all intents and purposes, there isn’t anything as far as theming goes but that’s the norm for fast-casual places in Disney Springs. D-Luxe Burger does offer a convoluted backstory involving a St. Louis World’s Fair, a farm, and the current restaurant but it’s dumb and not worth anyone’s time.

No one should go to D-Luxe Burger for the atmosphere but that’s not to say it’s a bad place to sit and have a meal. The inside of the restaurant is nice and the physical location is right beside the water. There aren’t an abundance of seats in D-Luxe Burger but we’ve never had trouble finding a seat. It also stays fairly quiet inside of the restaurant which is nice, assuming you like to talk to the people you eat with.

D Luxe Burger other sauces

Along with a soda machine to get refills, D-Luxe Burger has six sauces to dip your fries into – Horseradish, Buffalo Ranch, Garlic Ranch, Chipotle Mayo, Curry Ketchup and 3-Mustard and Honey. I tried them all and my favorite was the Garlic Ranch. I’m a sucker for dipping sauces, especially ones that are somewhat different than the typical ketchup. None of them were incredible but it’s a nice little addition to D-Luxe Burger.

Here’s a look at D-Luxe Burger’s menu. There’s apparently a secret mobile ordering menu for those doing mobile orders. I don’t know how secret something is if it’s on the Disney World website but I don’t make the names! Anyway, the menu is mostly burgers. For our meal, we went with The Classic Duo which included two Classic Cheeseburgers, an order of fries, and two drinks. That comes in at $25, which isn’t a bad deal relative to other counter-service restaurants.

D Luxe Burger burger

We both enjoyed the Classic Cheeseburger. The patty was a decent size and hadgood flavor. It was cooked to a nice a medium and was very juicy. Unlike other counter-service burgers, the ingredients here taste fresh and of high quality. On this particular burger the patty and bun really shine. My only knock on it is that it could have used a little sauce to tie it all together.

I’ve also tried the Southwest Burger. While the Classic Cheeseburger suffers a bit from not having sauce, the Southwest Burger has a good amount of flavor by adding Bacon and Pimento to the equation. That said, the Pimento was on the excessive side and the burger could have still used a different sauce or flavor to offset that strong taste. What I do enjoy about both burgers we’ve tried is that the patty is the feature. It’s consistently plump and juicy, being the showcased flavor in most bites. Neither of these burgers will likely be the best one you’ve ever had (or in the top-10) but they are always good and I’ve never felt ripped off by getting one, unlike some other counter-service.

D Luxe Burger fries

The fries keep up with the burgers, being the best counter-service fries we’ve had at Disney World. That’s not exactly high praise as most Disney World fries are extremely generic. D-Luxe Burger’s fries are fresh-cut and have a delicious seasoning on them. The photo above shows a regular sized fries so there’s plenty of them there to share between two people.

We’ve also tried a milkshake at D-Luxe Burger and really enjoyed it. They are made from gelato at D-Luxe Burger and worth getting if you like milkshakes.

As far as value goes, I think D-Luxe Burger’s prices are fair. You can certainly find a cheaper burger at Disney World but the quality of ingredients will be much lower. D-Luxe Burger finds a sweet spot in between the bad burgers and table-service burgers, with everything falling between 10-13 dollars. I think that’s a fair price and actually falls in line with real world prices.

D Luxe Burger sign

Overall, we really enjoy D-Luxe Burger and think it fills a void in Disney World’s offerings. If you’re looking for a burger and fries on the lower side of the price spectrum then you won’t find a better spot to go than this. D-Luxe Burger falls in our top-10 counter-service restaurants in Disney World.

Overall Rating – 9/10

Have you been to D-Luxe Burger?  Let us know your thoughts or any questions you might have in the comments below.  Planning a trip to Walt Disney World?  Check out our Disney World Trip Planning Guide to help you out.  If you enjoy what you are reading here on Wandering in Disney please share this post with your friends, as well as like our social media pages.  You can also subscribe to the blog via WordPress or email.  All of those links are on the right side of this page.  Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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  1. I’ve been there twice in the last five months. Best burgers in the area. Definitely on my next visit to Disney Springs, I’ll be back.

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