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Question of the Week (9/24/18)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s edition!

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Question of the Week: What are 3 of your biggest Disney Parks pet peeves? It can be things guests do, things in the park themselves, etc.

Andrew – I have a few pet peeves that are mostly crowd related and that I’ve conveyed on the blog before. First and foremost, I despise when big groups abruptly stop in the middle of the walk way. Busting out a spin move that makes you fit to be a running back in the NFL is the only way to avoid crashing into someone’s shoulder and even then there’s more to avoid. Don’t stop in the middle of the street or sidewalk, please.

I also dislike strollers. I know these are inevitable and that they can be hard to control but I’ve had far too many strollers run into my heel. It’s not a big deal, but sometimes these stroller drivers will keep going until they’ve peeled the skin away and all that’s left is blood and bone. Overly dramatic? Sure. But walking around with a bloody stump of a foot is not ideal for a Disney Park.

I’ll stray away from crowds on my last one. I don’t like forced back stories. Like most things in life, these could be easy to ignore if I chose to do so, therefore they probably shouldn’t annoy me. BUT… I read a lot about Disney Parks and try to keep up with the news. Disney has gotten in a bad habit of thinking that every single thing in the parks needs a back story, no matter how much it makes sense or not. Often times these stories work. Once in a while though we get stuck with “Peter Quill visited Epcot as a child so of course there should be a Guardians of the Galaxy ride in that park.” It’s lazy, bad storytelling and manipulative by Disney. I wish they’d do away with some of that.

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Darin – Probably my biggest pet peeve is when people complain about the lines. I mean, you’re at a Disney Park, one of the most Go to vacation spots. Of course there is going to be lines. If it one of your favorite rides it was probably worth it. If it’s not there are plenty of good rides with little wait.

Park wise it bugs me when the parks ignore their lesser known products when they are not big hits. There is no Wall-E or Atlantis rides but eight different Nemo attractions (might be an exaggeration).

I’m running out of ideas so here’s one I don’t really care about from any perspective. “It’s a small world” is not that annoying of a song. It’s fine. Sure it’s fun to pretend you’re annoyed, but really who cares.

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Mackenzie – One pet peeve I have is when people go to the parks and complain about wait times and don’t try to figure out fast passes. I love fast passes and hate waiting in line. So I don’t understand people who don’t use them. I also don’t like crowds at all. I get very claustrophobic in crowds, so I try to avoid these but its Disney so you can’t always. I hate the color trends. Everything is rose gold or millennial pink. Why? From clothes to food everything has these colors. Clothes are fine, but food really? Just leave it alone.

Leslie – My biggest pet peeve is probably going to be line cutters and their accomplices. As I am often a single rider I get really mad when one friend is holding the spot for several people, now I have some grace for the dad who has to take their kid to the bathroom who has already been waiting 45 minutes to get on, I am talking about the folks who “excuse me” the whole way to their one friend with a bunch of food in hand. I think cast members should really crack down on these kind of things but they probably have to pick and choose their battles.

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Melissa L. – I agree with all of the above!

I also don’t like to be the person having to save spots for people at shows or when people save spots for a large number of people. I can understand 2 people save 2 spots for a person while they run to the bathroom or whatever, but when 1 person is saving 5 spots it gets a little excessive.

BUBBLES! Normally, I’m a fan of bubbles (ask Andrew, I get excited for them) BUT bubbles in Disney parks drive me crazy because every little kid has a bubble machine and they are constantly around to attack you. They are just over used, over priced and parents are not very good at keeping their kids from attacking strangers with bubbles.

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And for my last pet peeve within the parks would be people complaining about the crowds. Yeah, crowds suck sometimes but most of the time they are easily avoidable if you take advantage of the little quirks Disney has to offer like dining, back pathways, and more!

Melissa C. – Unfortunately, most of my biggest pet peeves have to do with other people. One is people who can’t seem to just enjoy the moment that they are in. It’s one thing to take some shots with your camera, but a completely different thing to need to document every single second on your phone. It seems that many times people are snap chatting rides, unaware that their flash is kind of interrupting the story telling for everyone else. It’s hard when your focus moves to a person rather than to the story your supposed to be immersed in.

My second pet peeve would definitely be one that has already been stated: the people who are complaining about crowds. Bryan and I were at Disneyland in the middle of August and stood in absolutely NO standby lines for Fastpass rides until our 5th and final day. Disney is a popular place and it should be somewhat expected that you will likely have to wait in (at least a few) longer lines. However, there are a ton of ways to avoid the worst crowds and so many people don’t take advantage of it!


What are some of your biggest pet peeves when in the Disney Parks?  Let us know, along with any questions you might have, down below in the comments!  You can read more Questions of the Week here.  If you enjoy what you’re reading please subscribe to the blog and like our social media pages, all of which you can find on the right side of this page.  Have a great day!

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