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Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante Review

Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante is a counter-service location in Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor.  The restaurant serves a mix of pizza and pasta dishes fitting the Italian setting.  Our review will feature photos of Zambini Brothers Ristorante as well as our thoughts on the atmosphere and food.

Walking into DisneySea is astonishing – more beautiful than you could ever dream.  The park icon, a giant volcano, obviously plays a feature role in that view.  Just as visually striking is the land guests find themselves in, Mediterranean Harbor.  To the left lies the meat of the land, a beautiful back alley with a restaurant and gondola ride seemingly taken straight out of Venice.  On the right is a slightly less adventurous path but beautiful in its own right.  The main pathway and an alley surround a striking Tuscan building that is Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante.

TDS Zambini Brothers outside

Part of what makes this counter-service location so great is because of all that surrounding area.  There is outside seating and indoor seating right next to windows for a chance to enjoy the views.  I certainly recommend that as there isn’t a better theme park view in the world.  The outside of Zambini Brothers’ only adds to the view with its worn, floral facade.  Having a building with a slightly unusual shape and different heights in the roof is a nice change in a theme park and only adds to the allure of the land.

The inside of the restaurant itself is beautiful but understated.  Inside is a bit darker, feeling slightly old-fashioned with a nice mix of brick and wood features throughout.  I really liked the chandeliers throughout the restaurant, especially in the ordering bay.  As I mentioned, there are two floors in the building.  The downstairs area has several rooms with interesting details.  One room has a wine cellar feel to it and would be my top choice of places to sit downstairs.  I prefer the upstairs seating a little more because of the views that are available but downstairs has a few more details.  If it’s a nice day, sit outside as I don’t think you’re missing anything from not eating within the restaurant.

Zambini Brothers ordering station TDS

If you are interested in one of the Harbor shows that DisneySea offers but want a unique view of it then sitting upstairs at Zambini Brothers’ is a fun option.  If this is your plan then arriving well in advance of the show is advised.

As for the food, I wasn’t all that excited about the options when I passed by a menu earlier in our trip.  I don’t love pasta and counter-service pizza always has a bad connotation to me, even though it shouldn’t at Tokyo Disney Resort because of the incredible Seafood Pizza.  On our last day, Melissa and I wanted to try something new and ended up here.  I’m very happy we did.

Just like most Tokyo Disney (and Japan) restaurants, Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante offered a set meal that included a penne pasta, fried shrimp and burdock, and a drink.  The set meal changes fairly often although those individual items seem to be constants on the menu.  We ordered one of those as well as the Seafood Doria.  While we didn’t opt for the pizza, it did look good and would be a safe choice.

Zambini Brothers shrimp burdock TDS

The Shrimp and Burdock was a nice little appetizer before our pasta dishes.  The shrimp was decent, the breading wasn’t anything great but shrimp itself was delicious.  The Burdock, a root, was cut similar to fries and had a similar flavor.  I liked the texture and seasoning on the dish. Amazingly, this little addition to the meal costs less than three dollars.  Basically a mini shrimp and fries for $3 is a steal of a deal.  They could sell this at Columbia Harbor House in Magic Kingdom for $7 and it would fit right in with the rest of the meal.  Overall, it’s a good addition at a very low-cost.  I don’t think it was better than some other snacks we had but if you’re on a budget then look no further.

Zambini Brothers penne cream sauce TDS

I don’t have nearly as much to say about the Penne with Cream (Alfredo) Sauce.  This is a safe dish that tasted good but was nothing more.  What you see is what you get.  The sauce wasn’t overly rich and the pasta was well made.  For around $7, this is a fine option albeit slightly boring.

Zambini Brothers seafood doria TDS

The Seafood Doria, on the other hand, is one of the best counter-service entrees I’ve ever had.  This is basically a rice casserole with a good amount of seafood and cheese along with it.  As a rule, seafood at Tokyo Disney Resort is a good bet and that is especially true here.  There was a good amount of seafood in this dish and all of it was high quality.  This mixed in wonderfully with the rice, sauce and cheese.  This was one of those dishes that I wish we’d found earlier in the trip because I would have gone back for it again.  At around $8, this is a great deal as the seafood alone in this dish is worth that much.

Overall, Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante is a great option for those that want an Italian inspired counter-service restaurant.  I can’t recommend the Seafood Doria enough and the prices are the lowest here of any theme park counter-service restaurant I’ve been in.  There are other items on the menu that look interesting, including a few of the desserts.  We look forward to trying more of them next time!

Mediterranean Harbor bigger buildings TDS

Overall Rating – 9/10

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