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Question of the Week (6/18/18)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is our (late) Father’s Day edition.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Time to get sentimental. What is a special memory you have with your dad at the Disney Parks or something that reminds you of your dad at the Disney Parks? If you’re feeling ambitious, go for both!

Mackenzie – My dad is a huge Disney fan and I grew up going to Disneyland. Number one: Jungle Cruise will always remind me of my dad, because the jokes are super cheesy and my dad loves them (and so do I). Also, anything in Toon Town reminds of my dad and family. My family would run around and try the different things you can interact with and if my dad would find a pretty funny one, he would come find us and show it. One my favorite memories with my dad in the park was my very first time riding Tower of Terror in California Adventure. I was super nervous, scared, and a little creeped out because of all the spider webs. He told me I would be fine and told me it would be worth it. He made me brave that day (and every day since). Ever since that day, I have loved that ride and immediately rode it again with just my dad (the first time my sister went too, but she did not like it). Whenever I think of my dad I think of our shared love of corny jokes and Disney.

Elephant bath Jungle Cruise TDL

Andrew – One of my favorite Disney moments with my dad was going golfing with him last year at Disney World. We both hit shots that were fairly close to the water and there was an alligator hanging out down there. We had been warned to not go anywhere near them but my dad kept inching closer and closer, trying to get his golf ball. Melissa and I waited anxiously several feet away before we finally were able to persuade Dad to just leave the golf balls and move on. As far as things that remind me of my dad at Disney Parks, that prize has to go to Dole Whip. Anytime I call him when we’re at the parks he asks me if I’ve had any and reminds me how good it is.

Cassie – I took my dad to the Disney parks when we lived in Los Angeles. My dad is very scared of heights and water attractions yet somehow my mom and I convinced him to go on splash Mountain. I’m still not sure how we did that. Anyways, he ended up having a really good time on it of course because it’s an amazing ride. However, the picture of his face falling is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s nothing like seeing your dad screaming at the top of his lungs while falling from that ride. It was a wonderful day all around and I’m really glad that he went on a ride that meant so much to me even though he was so so so scared.

Splash Mountain trees

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  1. My dad would never go to an amusement park. But when I was in high school we went to my grandpa’s house in California. We took him with us to Disneyland, and he must have been in his 80s. He was kind of a quiet, gruff man, and what I remember is how happy he was to be with us and how determined he was to give us an unforgettable vacation.

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