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Little Red Wagon Review

The Little Red Wagon is just that, sitting at the end of Disneyland’s Main Street.  This counter-service spot serves legendary hand-dipped corn dogs.  There aren’t any frills when it comes to this place – no discounts and not really any seating.  Come for the corn dogs, eat the corn dogs and go.  We’ve been to this place dozens of times and this review will try to sum up all of those experiences in more words than just “it is awesome.

On one hand, I can’t believe that I haven’t written a Little Red Wagon review before.  I feel like I rave about it enough.  Without having its own review, I’ve mentioned it in at least 5 blog posts on this site.  On the other hand, it’s hard to come up with a decent sized review of a wagon that solely serves corn dogs.  Here goes nothing.

As I mentioned, Little Red Wagon is at the end of Main Street as you walk towards the castle.  Assuming you are walking that direction, the corn dog stand would be on your right hand side just before Plaza Inn Restaurant.  The somewhat blurry photo above is our fountain of youth.  It’s fairly unassuming but pretty easy to find.

As I said, there is next to no seating.  Grab your corn dog and find a seat on a bench or use a trash can as a makeshift table.  If you think that last sentence is a joke then just keep it that way and don’t judge me.  While the Plaza Inn is right next door, bringing food in there is somewhat frowned upon.  Frankly, you can probably get away with it but I would not recommend it.

Corn dogs taste much better than they look so there won’t be many photos.  These corn dogs have a sweet batter that they are dipped into.  They come out with just the right amount of crisp and are extremely delicious.  Like most humans, I can’t say that I love corn dogs but these are better than any others I’ve tried.

The corn dog comes with either a bag of potato chips or apple slices.  This little meal will cost you $9.50 (as spring 2018).  You can ask for just the corn dog without the side item and this will shave off a couple of dollars.  This is quite a bit of money for a corn dog and bag of chips but everything is a little overpriced at a theme park.  I do think these corn dogs are pretty filling and would be enough for a full meal, unless you have a bigger appetite.

Overall, Little Red Wagon is perfect for what it is – a cute little place to stop and have an item that they specialize in.  I would absolutely recommend having lunch here one day while you’re at Disneyland.

Overall Rating – 9/10

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– Andrew

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