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Question of the Week (9/1/17)

Hello readers!  Sorry for the slow week, we are in Walt Disney World and will have many new reviews, thoughts and trip reports to share with you in the coming months.  Unfortunately, that means a slow week or two here on the blog.  On to your regularly scheduled programming…

Right hub night

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s question and answers!

Question of the Week: Do you think a firework show themed specifically to a brand (like Pixar) or IP (like Star Wars) is fine in Disneyland or should they just go with shows that have a more general Disney theme? Why or why not?

Cassie – I think if it was more of a “one night a week” thing, a specific themed fireworks show would be great. If Friday’s, for instance, were Star War Days, they could do a SW themed show on that night only. It would be cool if that was an option, but not forced upon everyone every night. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, and already feel like the parks is turning into Star Wars land, not Disneyland.

Andrew – I’m pretty against the idea. I think part of the beauty of the castle parks is the broadly themed lands like Fantasyland, Frontierland, Adventureland, etc. There is no specific franchise that inspired them but rather an idea. I think a nighttime spectacular matching that idea fits better than something specific to a brand. It’s not really that I think the show will be bad, the Hollywood Studios Star Wars nighttime show is quite good, just that I don’t think Disneyland or Magic Kingdom is the place for it.

Fireworks projections

Leslie – I actually would like to see the fireworks shows rotate to be honest. I think for annual pass holders it could break up the monotony as well as bring a desire to visit the parks during off-season if there were exclusive shows available at that time. A different show however I think could look like many things, examples being themed like the Star Wars nighttime show, the Villians theme they have typically at Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party, or even old fireworks shows like Wishes coming back. I think it would be nice to see them change it up now and again. That being said I understand how much work goes into organizing the firework shows so I get why they do the same show most nights.

Melissa – Cassie’s idea would be pretty cool to see, having a rotating weekly schedule or special night once a month or so. Overall though I’m very partial to a general Disney themed firework show for the castle parks. I feel like they have more potential to have that “emotional” moment while watching the show. It also would reach more audiences.

Lumiere Cogsworth topiary

What do you think of a specific franchise nighttime spectacular in Disney’s original theme park?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I definitely think for Disneyland being the main park it should be overall Disney, magic, dreams, love, and everything Walt built Disneyland on. I think to attach the fireworks show to a specific brand or movie like Star Wars just takes away from the roots of Disney’s meaning and commercializes it too much.

    I loved The Magic, the Memories, and You at WDW. That seemed perfectly Disney to me, because it was about making happy memories with your family and friends.

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      • I half saw it…it was the most disappointing part of our last trip, because we didn’t prepare and get fastpasses for preferred viewing, and didn’t want to stick around for a few hours to get a good spot, so we had to watch it back by the train station. Some people prefer that but I can’t see well from that far away, even with my contacts….and especially because of the kids on shoulders directly in front of short little me!! lol

        I’ve actually been having a self-dilemma…do I watch it on YouTube, or wait until next time I can go to get the real thing? Aahhh!! lol


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