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Disneyland Forever Review and Discussion

This week, Cassie and I (Andrew) sat down to discuss Disneyland Forever, the new nighttime spectacular at Disneyland.  We asked a few questions back and forth and shared our answers.  Unfortunately, I’ve only gotten to edit photos from the first time I saw the show (the time when my tripod broke!).  What is also unfortunate is that I like my batch of photos from the second time I saw the show much better so… stay tuned for future posts with better photos of Disneyland Forever.  Be warned, there are some spoilers of the show below.  Enjoy!

Castle red Disneyland Forever

Andrew – I guess to start off we’ll go the same route as the parade questions, where did you stand to watch Disneyland Forever and how did you end up in that spot?

Cassie – I ended up watching Disneyland Forever in an awesome spot. I was almost directly in front of the caste, a little to the left side. There was part of a tree in front of my view but it didn’t stop me from clearly seeing the entire show. When I get a chance to see the show again I will definitely try to get a little closer to the front of the caste. How about YOU?

What part(s) of this show did you find unique/different from other firework shows?

Colorful Disneyland Forever

Andrew – We saw it twice. The first time we were in front of the center hub and a little to the right of the castle. Like you, a tree partially blocked our view of the castle but we could see most projections, including a great view of the Matterhorn. The second time we opted for behind the partners statue but more in the dead center. Obviously, the best spot would be as close as we were the first time but in the exact center. Still, it was fun to be a little further back Main Street so that we could see some of the projections on Main Street.

Good question! I think the show is definitely unique in the amount of projections around the park. The show heavily relies on these projections on the castle, Main Street, Matterhorn, It’s a Small World, and some places in Frontierland to help tell the story. I also could be wrong in thinking this but it seemed as if their were more shapes being made by the fireworks. The whole show was a glimpse into the future of how these shows will totally overwhelm your eyes with different places to look at. Disneyland Forever was definitely a futuristic show that was rooted in Disney’s history and nostalgia. What was unique to you?

Also, do you have favorite moments from the show?

Fireworks old fashioned Disneyland Forever

Cassie – I agree that the projections served as an incredibly unique tool for Disneyland Forever. They helped tell the stories so well, and were thoroughly used throughout the park. It seems like even those who may not have had a seating spot by the castle were still able to see an incredible show through the projections. I also found the use of live characters to be unique and really awesome! I was in total awe when Tinker Bell flew overhead, I did not see that coming!

My favorite part of Disneyland Forever was the Lion King section. Circle of Life is such an incredible song and The Lion King is one of my very favorite Disney movies. I got serious chills when the song began and the colors/theme put you in an orange African sunrise. My second favorite part was probably the beginning of the show, which paid tribute Walt Disney and put you in the orange tree fields that once sat where Disneyland sits today.

Walt Disney Disneyland Forever

Did you find that Disneyland Forever had a fair balance between the Disney classics and the newer Disney movies?

Andrew – I agree, the Lion King section was amazing. It really brought the song and movie to life! I loved the opening, as well. The Finding Nemo section was also great and light-hearted.

I thought it was a pretty decent balance from the Disney catalog. Better than World of Color, for example. There were nice tie-ins to some Pixar films. I think it will age really well over time, even if they might be lacking in the very first few Disney films. What about you?

Gold and Blue Disneyland Forever

Cassie – I thought the amount of new Disney magic was just right. I really loved that they incorporated Finding Nemo into the mix because I think that show sometimes gets overlooked. I especially loved the flying Nemo and his journey to the Matterhorn Mountain turned volcano. When it comes to Frozen, I can take it or leave it. I understand that Frozen is immensely popular with today’s youth, but it seems to be the center of attention these days. I did love the snow during the Frozen part, it was a very nice touch. The show also incorporated some amazing classics such as The Jungle Book, and Winnie the Pooh. I loved the mix of old and new all around.

Andrew – Oh yeah, the Jungle Book was awesome. I love that movie.

sharp Disneyland Forever

Would you be excited to see it in a different viewing area (like by It’s a Small World or Tom Sawyer Island) or would you rather just stick to Main Street?

Cassie – It might be cool to see the show from all the different angles, but Main Street definitely has the best viewing options!

Were there any cathartic or emotional parts of the show for you?

Andrew – Surprisingly, I didn’t get as emotional in this one. The Tangled section was fairly emotional the first time just because my wife walked down the aisle to that song, and it was beautifully done. Any section where they talked about Walt was beautiful, as well. I somehow was more emotional during World of Color and Paint the Night, even though I liked Disneyland Forever just as much. What about you?

How does this compare to the previous fireworks shows you have seen at any Disney Park?

red yellow green Disneyland Forever

Cassie – I haven’t seen the new World of Color yet but I hear it’s a major tearjerker! Disneyland Forever pulled at my heart strings a lot. Like I said above, whenever Circle of Life plays I get pretty emotional. Also, even though I am not the biggest Frozen fan ever, I am a huge Idina Menzel fan, so Let it Go always brings me joy. That song combined with the snow was really beautiful. However, the finale brought the most cathartic emotions for me. I like to look around at all the faces of all the people, seeing and experiencing the same beautiful moment together.

Much like Paint the Night, Disneyland Forever far exceeded my expectations of what a show can provide. The Disney imagineers challenge themselves constantly and will continue to thrill and surprise us with every passing year. Disneyland Forever tromps any other fireworks display I have ever seen, Disneyland or elsewhere. That being said, Disneyland Forever is NOT just a fireworks show, its a complex experience with technology, music, and stunning theatrical components. I would recommend this show to everyone and anyone. It does not disappoint.

How does it compare for you?

Andrew – Let’s see if I can make this make sense… Disneyland Forever was the best show I’ve ever seen but it wasn’t my favorite. It was my 2nd favorite. I still love the idea and nostalgia behind Remember… Dreams Come True. That show was more specific to Disney Parks instead of just Disney and always made me smile. With that being said, I think Disneyland Forever is an overall better show in the what they accomplished.

Did you like Disneyland Forever better than Paint the Night?

Mickey Mouse ears Disneyland Forever_edited-1

Cassie – Ooooh that is such a tough question, like comparing apples and oranges! However, I did “like” Disneyland Forever more than Paint the Night. I think mostly because the fireworks show made me have such an emotional experience. For me, Paint the Night was a lot of fun, but Disneyland Forever was a bigger and more intense experience.

Andrew – Yeah, it’s not really a fair question at all. Especially since I like firework shows better than parades in general. I was blown away by the scale of Paint the Night but Disneyland Forever was an incredible achievement unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I believe both will be fan-favorites for a very long time.

Finale 1 Disneyland forever

Let us know your thoughts on Disneyland Forever in the comments if you have seen it!  Last week, we talked about Paint the Night.  If you missed that review and discussions, you can read it here.  In the coming weeks, we will be reviewing the new World of Color show and then will be doing an overview of the entire 60th Anniversary celebration with some tips included.  Stay tuned for those and thank you for reading!

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  1. I saw the firework show on Main Street the first time then again the next night to the right of the castle (near the rockets). I definitely liked it better on main street because the projections were all around and my neck didn’t hurt as much from having to look up as high (it was a more natural angle to see the fireworks). It was a good show, I liked that it did incorporate a lot of old and new.

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