Quiet Places In Disney

Favorite Quiet Place in Disney: California Adventure’s Real Route 66

It’s easy to be intimidated by the business of Disney World or Disneyland. There are gobs of people everywhere and a simple walk around the parks can turn into a game of ‘Human Bumper-Cars’. We’re starting a series for people who want to find places away from all of the crowds. Places to relax, take in the scenery and soak in the Disney details are a must for me while I’m at a Park. We’re looking forward to sharing some of those places with you. Here’s a look at some of our other favorite quiet places (more to come soon).

Cars rock

Today we travel to Disney’s California Adventure and Route 66.  Cars Land, which just celebrated its third birthday, has been the subject of much gushing on this blog.  Honestly, I’ve been the one behind most of the gushing.  I guess I should give someone else a chance to write about this land but… Well, they can once I’m done with this post.  Cars Land is completely immersive, of the highest quality, and a land that is easy to spend at least a few hours in.  This recently new land is also busy.  Very busy, in fact.  No matter the time of day, you are more than likely to run into the biggest crowds California Adventure has to offer while in Cars Land.  So, why mention all of this while talking about your favorite quiet places in Disney?  Because there is a little more to this land than meets the eye.

Disneyland Resort isn’t the easiest place to find quiet and lack of crowds.  Disneyland (and California Adventure to a lesser extent) packs so much into a pretty tight space that there aren’t  as many areas to find quiet as there are at Disney World.  Still, we have a few favorites and this is one of them.


As you walk down Route 66 into the heart of Cars Land, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree and the Cozy Cone Motel lies vibrantly on your left while Flo’s V8 Cafe sits on the right.  After savoring Radiator Springs and reaching the end of the main road, the Cadillac Mountain Range sits high above the courthouse.  This is where our journey begins.  Turning right and heading towards the Racers, is a road that is less and less crowded the further you go.  When first taking this road less traveled, Flo’s is on your right and the brilliant landscaping of Cars Land’s best attraction is on your left.  While this place is a little more crowded, it’s a fine place to stop and enjoy the hoots and hollers of the people racing around the desert.  You can go even further along the path and still see this attraction.  While not my favorite part of this quiet path, this is an excellent area to just relax and watch.  If you like it enough, just grab a table outside at Flo’s and soak it all in while drinking a milkshake.

Cars Land path

As the journey restarts, the path lazily winds around a couple of corners and the scenery gradually grows greener.  It’s at this point where this path truly acts like the park’s Route 66.  While it doesn’t have the sign that Cars Land does, this area transports us from the midwest America that is Cars Land to the Pacific.  As you leave the rock-work from Cars Land, you shortly reach the Pacific Wharf section of California Adventure.  In between these two areas is one of the quietest areas of the park.  I also love the theming that easily transitions you from the hot desert to the cooler Pacific.  Once at the Wharf, there are plenty of quiet spots.  One such spot is at the back-end of Ghirardelli (if coming from the Wharf).  Enjoy ice cream, as you relax in some quiet spots away from the crowds.  I’ve heard ice cream is the perfect entrée to your Flo’s milkshake appetizer.


Eventually the path will reach the food area of Pacific Wharf and the crowds come back, but before then it’s very pleasant and pretty quiet.  Another way to experience this path is going in the opposite direction from Pacific Wharf to Cars Land.  The rock-work frames the entrance to Cars Land perfectly and it’s a beautiful entrance to a great land.  It’s also one of the best photo opportunities in the whole park.

Melissa Cars

I recommend walking this area at sunset as it offers some unique and beautiful views sides of the park.  That’s definitely on my list of things to do on my next list.  Really, I’d walk this area even if it was packed.  I love the change of theming as you move from inland to coast.  It’s just a bonus that this area is usually less crowded than the rest of the park.  Soak it in, enjoy the different sights and theming, and take a minute to just relax.  This is a great place to do it.

Pacific Wharf Canning Co.

Do you have any favorite quiet areas in Disney’s California Adventure.  Let us know in the comments if you do!  Thank you for reading!

– Andrew

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