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Stand Out in the Crowd as a Disney Fashionista!

Whether you are five years old and wearing a princess dress or 85 years old and wearing Mickey ears, dressing up for a day at Disneyland can be a whole lot of fun. Many people put thorough thought into a perfect outfit for their visit to the parks. Maybe you want to look good for the pictures that will last a lifetime or maybe you want to match with a group of friends or with a significant other. Personally, I love wearing a fun, new outfit every time I visit Disneyland. It is something I always plan and always enjoy creating. Whatever your reason is for dressing up, there is a fun and new way to express yourself and your own taste! Whether you are on a budget (or plan to spend your entire salary on Disney merch) there are plenty of ways to stand out in the crowd and look magically amazing on your visit to the Disney Parks!

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Create something from scratch:

As an artistic person, I find that creating items from scratch are the most original way to stand out and look amazing at the Disney parks. However, not every one has a creative bone nor has interest in making their Disneyland costume, and that’s fine too! There are MANY places to purchase unique Disney items and still rock an awesome getup!

My dear friend Kelsey (AKA my Disneyland partner in crime) makes all her own outfits when she visits the parks and has been a big inspiration to me with her creativity. The last time we went to Disneyland together she had sewn a beautiful Little Mermaid skirt that she had made out of a bed sheet! Every five seconds, someone complemented Kelsey on her awesome and original skirt, which led to a lot of fun conversations with fellow park goers. The skirt cost Kelsey a mere $5 to make and was the cutest item ever!

Little Mermaid skirt

Side Note: If you do not know where to start with creating an item from scratch, I recommend searching through a site like Pintrest for easy DIY projects. Pintrest has a lot of great ideas for beginners, easy enough for even the most novice Disney fans. See site for examples:

Shop in the park:

Lets face it, shopping at the parks is a big part of a Disney visit. I could spend hours in World of Disney looking at every single item and fawning over all the things I wish I could buy. Finding your Disney outfit at the parks is by far the most convenient way to put together something fun, especially if you are staying at the resort and do not have access to outside shopping. There are also certain items I would highly recommend only getting at the parks. For instance, if you want personalized Mickey ears you must do it here and it is completely worth the experience. I am also all-for purchasing your little one’s princess or prince outfit at the park, as they are the highest quality and seem to contain just the right amount of Disney magic.

Shop outside of the park/saving money:

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping at The Disneyland Vault and World of Disney just as much as anyone. However, there are a few drawbacks to only purchasing Disney merch at the parks. First off, while adorable and amazing, the merch at Disney is a tad pricey. Shirts average at about $35 and sweatshirts at about $50. Items like dresses and handbags are even more expensive. Secondly, any item you purchase at the parks are likely to be seen worn by another person during your visit. Much like having the same dress as another girl at the prom, wearing the same outfit as someone else at Disneyland can be a tad competitive.

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I have found many items you can wear to the parks at places other than Disneyland. Forever 21 is one of my favorite spots to grab a quick shirt the night before a visit. I tend to cut the neckline or change the sleeves just to make it a little new and edgy. (And at about $10 per shirt, I don’t mind cutting and changing it up a bit.) There are also a lot of treasures to be found at your local Value Village, Goodwill, or thrift store. Trust me, finding an old retro Mickey sweatshirt for $3 can be quite the steal.
At places like the Dollar Store, you can find tiaras, wands and tutus for your little ones to wear. And lets face it, these are usually the first items to fall apart or get lost while on a ride, so its best not to break the bank on them.

Shop online:

Shopping online is probably the second best way to have something unique at Disneyland. Sites like Etsy are filled to the brim with totally original pieces. I would especially recommend Etsy for unique Disney items such as jewelry, cell phone cases and handbags!

Expressing yourself even further:

Other than clothing, there are a lot of other ways to express your Disney side. Many women get manicures or pedicures with Disney themed nail polish designs. Again, if you don’t want to see a professional for this, Pintrest is a great site to find ideas for Disney inspired nails. Other ways to jazz up your Disney look include jewelry, handbags/backpacks, temporary tattoos, hair designs and makeup.

The possibilities are endless, so don’t think you have to limit yourself to just these ideas. Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that are the most enjoyable.
All in all, I hope that whatever way you choose to express yourself, it makes you happy and feel wonderful all day long!

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– Cassie

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