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A Snacking Guide To World Showcase

World Showcase is one of Walt Disney World’s greatest achievements.  The amount of culture and detail crammed into the eleven different pavilions is astounding (even if Frozen is on the verge of invading).  While exploring some of these wonderful pavilions, a guest gets hungry.  Very hungry.  Lucky enough, World Showcase is known for its food.  A modern-day craze (or at least it’s a fad in my head) known as ‘Snacking Around The World’, where you get a snack at each country, is well-known to Disney foodies.  So, I’m going to share what snacks look the best from each country in today’s post.  Nothing is better than strolling alongside the lagoon with a treat in your hand so let’s begin our walk (and snacking) around the world.  The menus to each restaurant are linked.

Mexico – 

Starting in Mexico is great if you are looking for something a little more substantial in your snacking.  The nachos at La Cantina de San Angel are probably the item I would go with although the empanadas look good as well.  I felt anything aside from the nachos might be considered a meal so that seemed a little bit like cheating.  As we roam inside the pyramid, a stop by La Cava del Tequila is essential if you are a fan of Margaritas.  These are much better than the frozen margaritas they serve outside. La Cava del Tequila is worth the wait.  If you are looking for something sweet in Mexico go to La Cantina de San Angel and get some churros while overlooking the lagoon.


Norway – 

Now in Norway, we’ve come to one of the high points in our snacking!  Stepping inside Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, there are many delicious treats that greet the eyes and a “Hello” with a Norwegian accent that greets your ears.  What to order here is a bit of a conundrum but I generally settle on the School Bread.  This is one of those treats that is a right of passage in Disney World.  It’s like a cream filled doughnut with coconut on top (but about 47,000 times better).  There are other fantastic options here, as well.  The Troll Horns and Waffles always look great and the Rice Cream is delicious.

School Bread and Lefse

School Bread and Lefse

China – 

As we enter China, we’ll stay close to the water and go to the Joy of Tea.  This place provides us with an interesting choice of sweet or savory.  I would usually choose savory, so I’m going to go with the egg rolls here.  I’ve had them before here and they are my favorite egg rolls in the World (not just the World Showcase).  There are a few other savory treats that look tasty.  This place also serves some interesting flavors of ice cream that generally change by the season.  There are many different varieties of tea here, in the iced, slushed, and hot varieties.  Grab a treat and go watch the Dragon Legend Acrobats perform.

Germany – 

As we enter Germany, my path might diverge from yours.  Again, I’ll go with the savory option and get the Nudel Gratin (baked macaroni and cheese) at Sommerfest.  The bratwurst or a soft-pretzel would also be a good choice but I can’t go against some macaroni and cheese.  Now, there’s another option here at Germany’s Karamelle-Kuche. This caramel shop has many different good options, all involving caramel.  Germany is also a great place to stop for a beer, as there are several good options.

Italy – 

Welcome to beautiful Italy.  For some, this might be time to go to Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar for a glass of wine and a small plate to share with your group.  I’m going to stay outside of the cellar and go get some gelato instead.  While a few scoops of gelato is a commendable choice, I instead will turn my eyes (and mouth) to the gelato-cookie sandwich.  Just like an ice cream sandwich, this is made with your choice of gelato in the center and fresh cookies on the outside.  These options are found in Gelati.

American Adventure –

We’re back in the USA!  While we could go into the Liberty Inn, I prefer to stay outside and head straight for the Funnel Cake Cart.  While the Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake is tempting, I’m just going to go with the classic powdered sugar Funnel Cake.  After this is downed, head inside to the American Adventure attraction.  Your stomach may need a break and this is a fantastic attraction with a great pre-show (The Voices of Liberty).

Japan – 

After American Adventure (and maybe a nap) it’s time for lunch or dinner in Japan.  As you ask me, “How in the world are you possibly hungry?” I just smile and turn to the counter of Katsura Grill where I order the Tonosama Combo.  This combo is teriyaki chicken, beef, and salmon.  I really enjoyed it last time I was there.  If sushi is your thing, there are plenty of good options here.  Head outside and sit by the hanging lanterns and waterfall.  There isn’t a more peaceful place in Epcot than this.

Japan view out

Morocco – 

While observing some of the beautiful architecture in Morocco and walking off the last meal, we remember that we forgot to eat dessert in Japan.  Not to worry, Morocco has us covered.  In my opinion, there are two options here.  The Tangierine Cafe has Baklava, which is a good, easy and classic choice.  If Baklava is a no go, Spice Road Table has a juice bar on the outside of it with several good and interesting ice cream options.  If for some reason you skipped the meal with me in Japan, then the Lamb Wrap or the Chicken Shawarma Platter look good at the Tangierine Cafe.

France – 

France brings us another high point on our tour.  There are too many good options here. L’Artisan des Glaces serves delicious Artisan Ice Cream.  At this place, I’m going to again forgo the classic scoop and get a macaroon ice-cream sandwich.  The ice cream is refreshing and the macaroons are soft and delicious.  The Croque Glace is another interesting option.  It’s a scoop of ice cream inside of a warm brioche with chocolate or raspberry sauce.  I might just get that and the macaroon sandwich.  Now, if those options somehow aren’t good enough for you head over to Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie for a sweet or savory treat.  There’s a great selection of French pastries and whenever that happens, I can’t go against the classic Eclair.  After all of these near-impossible decisions, go reward yourself by watching Impressions de France.  It’s a beautiful film.


United Kingdom – 

After the different options of France, we’re both ready for a straight-ahead answer and the United Kingdom offers that to us.  Get the fish and chips.  It’s that simple.  Some people love this dish from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, some people don’t love it but it’s nearly the only option here at a counter-service restaurant.

Canada – 

We end our tour with a bit of a let-down.  Canada has popcorn as about our only option for a snack.  I like popcorn but after everything we went through, this seems like a sad way to end.  Oh well, eat the popcorn.  Next time we’ll start in Canada.  Grab a beer here too if you are thirsty. Not only do I have you almost throwing-up, I also have you buzzed!

We’ve completed our snacking around the world adventure!  If anyone has completed this or has a favorite snack or treat that I left off, please let us know in the comments.  Thank you for reading!

– Andrew

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