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Weekly Questions and Round-Up (2/15/15)

Every Sunday all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here’s this week’s question and responses:

Question of the Week: Congratulations! You’ve been appointed the head imagineer of a new theme park Disney is building in either of Disney World or Disneyland. You get to pick which resort it’s in and a general theme (or themes) for the land! The only rule is that you can’t put Marvel in Disney World, because it breaks some weird contract with Universal. Go into as much or as little detail as you’d like!

Andrew –  This is a hard choice. One of my first choices would be to try to replicate Tokyo’s DisneySea as it’s said to be one of the best theme parks in the world. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s realistic or logical with the geography of both American resorts. It would also make Tokyo a little less special. With that in mind, I would go to California and add a third theme park there. The theming would be based off of Disney villains and Marvel. They could split the park halfway and then have an attraction or show in the middle that intertwines the two. I think Pixar, The Muppets, and something along the lines of Epcot would work well in California as well but villains and Marvel would be my first choice.

I chose California because it would help spread out the people there and it would give a more adult themed park there. I also think California’s two parks are in better shape than Florida’s four (not an indictment of Florida, it’s just easier to take care of two), so California is more ready for a new theme park.

FoF Dragon close

Melissa L. – Hmmmmm I really like Andrews idea of the villain/marvel theme park. I think it would be very popular and lots of people would want to visit it.

I think what I would want is a third park is California as well, but more along of a Disneyland 2.0 where we can add in new and fun attractions based off new Disney movies or even old ones for that matter. I feel that Disney has made so many movies but not all of them are always featured and I think it would be fun to add more of those “underdogs” into a park.

Melissa H. – I know for sure that I would add a third park to Disneyland Resort in California – the decision for what type/theme my park would have is a little more difficult.

Really what a large part of me would want is a Pixar park with different lands based on different Pixar worlds. The main entrance to the park would be themed to look like you were in a movie studio. This is difficult to explain, but I am thinking a Universal Studios type feel, where it is like you are actually in a working area. Then the park would branch off into Paradise Falls, Monstropolis, Etc. The only real downfall to this is that they already have two Pixar themed lands in California Adventure and multiple Pixar rides across both parks. So, it would feel a little weird.

Cars Land sign

I also like the idea of taking Epcot and some of the cool things about it like the food and the people who work there, but making it more tied to Disney movies. Like right now they have Belle in France at Epcot, but if they made it more the world of Beauty and the Beast instead of “France”. It could be a cool way to incorporate more Disney classics and the cool atmosphere and immersion of Epcot.

Ps. I also like Andrew’s villains idea!

Kelsee – I’d like to see a water park go in at Disneyland. I’ve never been to the water parks at Disney World but I think it would be a great addition to the California parks. Id like to see them more movie/character oriented water theme park rather than the themed water parks in Disney World. Water parks aren’t obviously a number one priority when you go to the Disney Parks, but they are definitely a great add-on. I think it’d be better to put the park next to or in California adventure since water entertainment is a big part of the California lifestyle, maybe off set behind Paradise Pier since the theming works there.

I agree with Melissa and Andrew, if any place needs expansion it’s Disneyland. Only in a perfect world!

Leslie – This is a great question but we all know I want Star Wars land if I can’t pick Marvel. It would be though in Disneyland as I feel they need another big draw and it would be easier to incorporate there. Star Wars Land would draw in all sorts of crowds no matter what age as well. The options for rides are endless.

Night FW MK

Whose answers did you like the best?  What’s the obvious answer to you that we missed?  Please share your answers with us in the comments below!

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