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5 of the Best Disney Desserts I’ve Ever Had

Editor’s Note:  This is our 50th post here on Wandering in Disney.  Thank you all so much for reading, we deeply appreciate it.

Desserts are my favorite meal of the day. I love sweet and I love sugar, so of course desserts are my favorite.  Now I have had many desserts in my life, but some of the best desserts I’ve had, have been at a Disney park.  Below is a list of 5 of the best Disney desserts I’ve ever had. Enjoy – and I am sorry if I make your mouth water!

Dole Whip

5. Dole Whip. I can eat dole whip anytime any day. It’s the best of both worlds! Pineapple and ice cream all mixed into one. You can do no wrong when you choose to have this top off your palate! You can find Dole Whip at the Tiki Room in Disneyland and at Aloha Isle in Disney World in Adventureland. You don’t want to miss out.

cinnamon roll

4. Cinnamon rolls. Now most people think of cinnamon rolls as just a breakfast food…but not me! Cinnamon rolls are the best dessert. Especially where they are gooey and delicious! Disney makes some pretty spectacular cinnamon rolls.  You can find them at Disneyland, California Adventure and Magic Kingdom.

Chocolate Wave

3. The Chocolate Wave.  The Chocolate Wave is a chocolate molten lava cake served with a raspberry gelato from the Coral Reef Restaurant. It’s amazing!  The chocolate and raspberry balance each other out wonderfully and make your taste buds very happy!

Apple empenadas_edited-1

2. Empanada de Manzana. This is such a delicious dessert! I had it at La Hacienda de San Angel in Epcot. It’s a deep-fried pastry filled with sautéed caramelized apples served with dolce de leche ice cream and a caramel sauce. It’s mouth wateringly amazing!

Strawberry sorbet

1. Strawberries and Pound Cake. This dessert may sound simple, but it is easily one of my favorite desserts I’ve ever had at a Disney resort.  The Napa Rose serves this seasonally and it consists of pound cake, finely chopped strawberries, a strawberry basil sorbet, and a homemade strawberry fruit roll-up rose. Literally AMAZING! This was a very light feeling dessert which was very pleasant after our heavy meal.

I would recommend any and all of these desserts to anyone looking to please their sweet tooth.  I look forward to trying new and interesting desserts that Disney will offer on many other trips to come!  Now – go eat some sweets! 🙂

– Melissa L.

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